After you get out of prison, the job-hunting process is usually hard. But if you know how to make yourself more appealing to employers, you will find things easier.

If you can have your felony expunged, it is highly advisable that you do so. Because with an expungement, your criminal record will no longer be available to potential employers.

There are different rules for expungement depending on your state. You will need to hire an attorney and also pay certain fees, so a lot of money is involved. It’s no surprise that many felons can’t afford it. But it is one of the surest ways to make yourself more appealing to an employer.

You have to be realistic when looking for a job

Whether you like it or not, you will not find it easy to get a job as a felon. There are restrictions in every state. So as you stay positive in your search for employment, face the fact that there are things you can’t have immediately. Not everyone will want you, and that is okay.

Depending on your felony conviction, you may not get a job in certain industries. With this knowledge, you’ll know the right places to apply to, and it will make you more appealing to employers.

When you are realistic, you will not sound entitled during an interview. Even if a company is known for giving second chances, they won’t like an entitled felon. So look for roles that are in line with your credentials and apply to them.

Secure references from high-profile people

As a felon, it is necessary to have at least one referee when you apply for a job. While some felons see this as a burden, it is a great way to make yourself more appealing.

People like to be associated with powerful people. So if you want an employer to find you more worthy, get a referee that is highly respected in your city.

If you get a reference from someone who has done well in the industry you are applying to, that would be an added advantage.

Learn modern skills

With the tech boom, there are new skills to learn in order to shine in an industry. So if you want to stand out, learn these modern skills.

There is software that supports almost every white-collar job description. Employers will find you interesting if you learn how to use the ones linked to your prospective job.

Volunteer (paid or unpaid)

This is a very good way to add certain skills and experience to your resume. It also shows that you have turned a new leaf by doing things without financial motivation.

Look for a voluntary organization that is related to the company or job you want to do. Work actively with them and earn yourself some recognition. So that when you apply, employers can see it and admire your skills — which will get you the job.

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