With a felony conviction, there will be many obstacles as you try to move on with your life. A lot of people will find it hard to trust you. That is why it is quite hard for a felon to get a job even after they have changed.

Even without a felony conviction, many people still find it hard to set up their careers. So it comes as no surprise that a criminal record will make things twice as hard. But in the face of all the disadvantages, there is still hope for you no matter where you live.

Since there is no law that says felons should not be employed, you surely still have a chance. If you can identify the things that make it so hard for felons to secure employment, you can work your way around them and get the job of your dreams in no time.

Things that make it hard for a felon to get a job

Here, you will see some of the most prominent factors that can prevent a felon from getting a job. Understand them and also apply the mitigating measures attached to them so you can quickly get a good job.

  • Background checks

This is probably the most common reason felons can’t get a job. So many people with criminal records already fear background checks before they even apply.

Most companies will carry out a background check as part of the vetting process. You may even get disqualified if you don’t give permission for it. And as soon as a felony conviction is found, some companies can disqualify you.

Not all companies will disqualify you though, so this means there is hope and you should hold on to it. Apply for entry-level positions, don’t lie about your past, and apply to companies that don’t require background checks.

  • Conviction time

Many employers are more lenient towards felons who were convicted a long time ago. So a recent conviction is a major reason why a felon’s application may be rejected.

But if you were convicted over seven years ago, you have a better chance of securing employment.

Poor educational records

During a background check, a criminal record is not the only thing employers look for. They also want to see how well you are educated. As a felon, a rich educational background can increase your chances, but a poor one reduces them.

So you apply to a college and get a degree while doing smaller jobs to maintain balance. This will not be an issue if you apply to lower level jobs because they don’t require a degree.

The nature of conviction

Even if a felon gets a job, they may not get the role they applied for. This is because no company will employ a felon for a job that is related to their conviction.

So apply for roles that are totally unrelated to the nature of your past offense.

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