At ReCareer, we understand and recognize that a felon could face some difficulties in navigating his career path. We are here for your help and support and offer our services in the form of job and housing support, rehabilitation, and counseling.

With the changing times, a few employers are nowadays more willing to give second chances to felons and individuals with a criminal record. These employers are felon-friendly employers. It is hard to deny that one comes across numerous resources on the internet that will let you connect with your preferred employers. It’s a ticket of sorts to start afresh.

Felon-friendly employers positively impact our society

There are a host of reasons why the services of felon-friendly employers work well not just for those convicted in the past but the society as a whole.

1.       They break the cycle

When a felon finds a meaningful job, it is one of the best safeguards that prevent him from returning to his old ways. A steady job will make you feel more independent. So, you’d be less likely to get into trouble.

2.       The strain on the society reduces

The situation when an ex-convict gets a job and keeps away from trouble, it’s a win-win scenario for everyone. Taxpayers’ money is saved and the burden on the justice system is also reduced.

3.       The goal of diversity is met

Diverse minds make a world of difference in the workplace. When an employee can look ahead of your past, it delivers for you an opportunity to showcase your talents and skills. This works well for everyone.

List of resources specifically for felon-friendly and inclusive jobs:

1.       National Hire Network

2.       70 Million Jobs

3.       GettingHired

4.       The Second Chance Business Coalition (SCBC)

5.       Local Workforce Development Offices

When you have a record, you may feel that it is difficult to find a job. But, there’s no dearth of felony-friendly employers who would be delighted to give you a chance. A few of the online resources are mentioned in this article, and you can make the best of them.

It will take determination and hard work on your part to come across high-paying jobs for felons. With community support, you’d make it work for you. All you need to do is be proactive in your job search and look forward to a bright future ahead.

Within you is the power to break the shackles of the past and move ahead. Good luck!


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