Public housing program for felons – When you talk about survival, it becomes challenging for the people who have committed a felony. As these individuals go behind bars, their social life ruins to the extent. Even, trusting an ex-felon becomes difficult for other people, thus they do not get a better chance to lead a life as normal people do.

However, once the felon releases from prison, things might go better with time, but the chances are low. The ex-felon asks for social boundaries to be with normal people. If it is not the case, the individual might end up with mental illnesses. Here, we look at how public housing program for felons improve their lifestyle and fulfill other requirements.

How Public Housing Program for Felons Improve Their Lifestyle?

Keeping the current situation of how the felons feel, the government of the country has been taking the necessary steps. Some programs such as the public housing program for felons are available.

It not only provides shelters, but also better job opportunities so that the felons can lead their life just like normal citizens. However, before connecting with such programs, the felons need to know more about it and eligibility factors.

Know the Program in Detail

When we talk about felony-convicted individuals, there are around 6 million of them in the USA. Moreover, this number is increasing with more crimes occurring on daily basis. Now, if you ask, what these felons would do after they release from prison, there needs to be some kind of assistance for them.

If these felons ask for accommodation, they would not get the same easily. Most of the property owners just reject these individuals, to be on the safe side. In contrast, some of the property owners would charge a hefty rental, which is not affordable for the felons to pay. With limited job opportunities, the felons do not stand a chance to get accommodation, neither entry into the social community once again.

For this purpose, the government has introduced public housing program for felons in the USA. It is an initiative of HUD – Department of Urban Development. The main objective of this program is to provide middle-class families and individuals to afford accommodation at cheaper rentals.

From middle-class families, and individuals to felons, the public housing program is a suitable helping hand. It provides them with social and government facilities. The government has given authority to several public housing agencies that take care of the same. These agencies are registered members of HUD.

Public Housing Program for Felons – Know About the Rentals

When you talk about the public housing program for felons, it is not completely free, instead, the individuals pay for rentals. For the tenants, the monthly rental counts as the total payment. Now for the rent, around 10% of the total family income can be paid on monthly basis. Meanwhile, the other option is to pay around 30% of the adjusted earnings of family members. Here, the adjusted earning refers to the amount of earning after deducting the expenses.

However, for the felons who are still unable to pay rent in the above-stated methods, they can pay a certain amount as a monthly rental. Here, the amount of rent will be based on the housing authority, and as per the different locations.

The Application Process for Public Housing Program

Taking into account the application process for the housing program, it is similar to how a common citizen would apply for. However, in the case of felon individuals, they need to visit the public housing authority office. They require applying for the public housing apartment, along with submitting the documents.

Look at the documents required for the felons to apply for the public housing program.

  • The felons require providing identity proof that confirms they are a citizen of the USA or any other country. A birth certificate and social security number are mandatory to share with the authorities.
  • If the felon is a taxpayer, they need to submit tax forms along with bank statements. It will make sure that the person has a good credit score and is liable to pay public housing rentals.

Note: If the individual is accused of sexual offenses, or convicted for physical harassment, there is no chance to get a house under the subsidized rental program. Further, the felons who were arrested due to producing methamphetamine in government-monitored housing are also not eligible for applying for this scheme.

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