It is hard to deny that when a felon is seeking to find a job, the search could become challenging at times. Still, the availability of opportunities exists and cannot be denied. So, by making a fresh start in his life, a felon can have a successful career before him.

A few of the industries are more felon-friendly as compared to others and offer several jobs hiring felons. The top among them include manufacturing, construction, and trucking industries.


In the manufacturing industry, one can expect to find numerous jobs hiring felons. Assembly line work is an important profile in the manufacturing industry. While the work is repetitive at times, it does render a routine and stability.

There are cases wherein these jobs do not require the employee to hold specialized training or a high level of education. So, in case one does not have a college degree, one may want to scan this job opportunity.

One is furthermore, likely to access benefits like benefits such as retirement plans and health insurance as an employee at a manufacturing company. This brings financial stability to an individual’s family and himself.


The construction industry is frequently recognized to be open to hiring felons and those with a criminal record. There are several cases wherein a job in the construction industry does not require one to hold formal education, training, or certifications. Instead, upon gaining experience, an individual can move up the ranks, even if he starts at an entry-level role.

Similarly, by being physically demanding, jobs in the construction industry are ideal for an individual who seeks a job that keeps him engaged and active.

Trucking Industry

In the trucking industry, there are many cases where jobs hiring felons are available. Similarly, there are a host of instances wherein trucking companies make available training programs for new entrants and drivers.

So, even while one does not hold prior experience in the industry, one is fit for getting hired. Pay and benefits in the trucking industry are competitive. This brings financial stability for the employees’ families and themselves.

Besides them, certain companies are willing to hire felons. To list a few, we have Home Depot, Target, and Amazon.

It is important to remember that the policies for hiring felons might be defined by job type and location. It hence becomes a recommendable practice to go through the policies of individual companies before sending an application.


A host of opportunities for people with a criminal record are nowadays available. Upon finding meaningful employment, they can build a successful career. Top industries for your discretion when attempting to find a job as a felon include construction, manufacturing, and the trucking industry.

One should, alternately, keep an eye on the industries that have a reputation for being open to hiring felons. When one is persistent and determined, one will find opportunities to make a successful career after a felony conviction.

ReeCareer is an avenue that offers a host of resources for felons in terms of job and housing support, counselling, and legal rights.

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