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Amazon is one of the biggest and wealthiest companies in the USA today. Further, it can surprise any person that Amazon does hire felons. The stalwart is hiring new employees for office jobs, development, and specifically warehouses.

For your information, Amazon warehouses are located in almost all the states across the USA. If you are looking for a job to settle down, this opportunity can give you the best. Even hired temporarily, the felon can earn some money.

Further, hard work pays, and working will add a punch to your resume. Finally, you can settle down as a permanent employee with Amazon.

Amazon Fulfillment Center Jobs for Felons

Now, if you have a query in your mind about working at the fulfillment center, the answer is YES. The company is providing multiple job opportunities, and one of them is working at their fulfillment centers. Felons can look for this opportunity or connecting with a manager at the warehouse.

Don’t worry about the employment policy, as Amazon doesn’t discriminate against people with a felony. However, the person will have to keep in mind some of the considerations.

Key Considerations for Hiring Individuals With Felony

The chance of a person getting hired or not depends on these considerations. Let us take a look at some of them.

Criminal Record

This factor is based on how long the person has his/her criminal record. Before applying for the job, the felon will be asked about a recent crime. Meanwhile, felons who have committed crimes a couple of years back can be considered for hire.

Nature of Conviction

A person who has been charged for crimes that relate to sex, drug abuse, or thefts will not be hired. However, the person can be lucky if employed based on a suitable job position.

Work Experience & Personality

It is not just how much work experience a felon has. It depends on other factors and how productive they try to be. Maybe the felon has worked in some other company and now wants to apply with Amazon.

Meanwhile, helping other members of society does count as a good option. Sometimes, companies do hire employees based on their positive and humble nature. Felons do need a second chance to improve their living.

Be Transparent to Others

Hiding things from the hiring managers won’t do good to you. At one point in time, they will come to know about your felony. As it is rightly said, Honesty is the best policy, be transparent to others. The chances of employment can be better for a job at Amazon warehouse. Further, it is advisable to talk about the criminal past and get hired if lucky.

Personal Connection Works

When you are going for an interview, ensure you have a personal connection with the hiring manager. Let the manager identify your situation based on the factors defined here. Despite the felony, you can be offered a job of your choice at the Amazon fulfillment center.

Well, these are the factors that might help you with a felony conviction to get a job. However, you should not be heartbroken if you are not offered the job. Felon-friendly jobs are here to stay, and you can also opt for government jobs. Keep trying hard, and you will get the best suitable job.

What is the Work Culture at the Amazon Warehouse?

Talking about how felons work at the warehouse can be a day shift or a night shift. It purely depends on the center’s location and rosters. If you ask about the salaries, those will depend on the state, city, or location. Whereas, along with wages, Amazon does offer perks for its employees.

From order fulfillment centers to delivery stations and pickup points, Amazon has different jobs to offer. The felon can be a part of a team working on various tasks. However, the work is given based on the pre-requisites.

Take a look at some of the requirements the company wants the felon to share.

  • Be at least 18 years or old to get hired
  • The person can lift weights to 50 pounds
  • Able to work for 8 hours during a shift (day or night)
  • Be a team player who helps with operating carts, hand trucks to manage merchandise
  • Need to have a minimum of diploma or a degree
  • Possess knowledge of computers and able to use the internet
  • Should be multi-tasking oriented
  • A fast-paced learner and working member of the team


There you are. If you want to pursue a career and overcome your criminal past, apply for the job. Amazon warehouses are the best to work, and their vacancies are almost open. Your better nature and hard-working capability can bring a promising future.

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