Getting a Social Worker degree after a felony or serving in prison can be intricate. Many colleges consider criminal past in their admission process. However, there is no standard policy for background checks.

Any felon who wants to get a social worker’s degree can find the right college for them, and they have to accept their application. Felons face significant challenges in getting a license to work as social workers and getting a job after graduation.

Convicts looking to start a new life can work by becoming social workers. With this degree and license, the felons can help people get their lives back on track while improving their own lives.

Social Worker Degree – Who is a Social Worker?

A social worker helps people solve their problems by providing them with food, shelter, and safety. Depending upon their positions, they have to solve various issues. Clinical Social workers will diagnose and treat emotional, mental, and behavioral issues. Child and family social workers protect children and families.

Social workers have many responsibilities, and these are listed below.

  • Help clients adjust to new changes in their lives, such as illness, unemployment, divorce, and more.
  • Always respond to crises like child abuse and mental health issues; also follow-up with their clients to ensure that situations have improved.

How to Get Social Worker Degree?

Some Social workers only need a bachelor’s degree to become social workers. However, if a person wants to become a clinical social worker, they must have a master’s degree and two years of experience as a supervisor. In addition, they must get a license in their state.

After completing a bachelor’s degree, you can get an entry-level position in (BSW) social work. BSW prepares students for direct-services positions like caseworkers, human behavior, social welfare, mental health assistance, and more.

After two years of master’s degree, supervised training, and experience, you must pass the clinical exam to be a licensed social worker. After approval, you can contact the association of the social work board.

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An Opportunity for Felons

Felons who want to graduate with a Social worker degree can fulfill their dream even if they have felonies in their past. Several colleges accept students with convictions.

However, the most challenging part is how a felon gets a job after completing the degree. The licensing regulations vary from one state to another. However, several states consider candidates with criminal records depending on the seriousness of the offense and the time served for the crime.

It is essential, to be honest about your past when applying for the job. If the felony is not disclosed in the form and found during a background check, this will be punishable. It is essential to be a successful social worker; you have to be honest about your past. 

Expunging a criminal record allows anyone to honestly state that they have not committed any crime on an application. Expunge can give the convict a second chance to start with a clean record and get a social worker degree.

Skills You Will Learn in Social Worker Degree

With a Social worker degree, you will learn to communicate with clients. Always think out of the box and develop practical and innovative solutions for client’s problems.

A social worker should have the ability to handle emotions like compassion, patience and be ready to deal with people in stressful situations.

How Much Can a Person Earn With Social Worker Degree?

There are many jobs available for social workers. The income depends upon the position of a social worker. However, the median annual salary of social workers is $40,000 to $50,000.

Sometimes, Social worker earnings depend upon the projects. Experience and country will also influence the earning of social workers. Sometimes a social worker makes more in one state than any other state.

Final Thoughts

We all know that getting a social worker degree is a challenging task. Give yourself a second chance for success by having the felony record expunged, and still pursuing a social worker degree could make a critical difference.

Furthermore, if you have your family or friends, it could make a huge difference. Felons should not be defined by offense. They should be determined by how they recover from the situation. 

This kind of thinking can make a massive difference in this world about felons. Then they can quickly start their lives and live a simple life without worrying about difficulties.

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