Commercial Driving License is required to operate heavy and large vehicles for transporting goods. If you have a felony on your record and still think of becoming a truck driver. You don’t need to worry because you can get CDL with criminal record too. Not all criminals are ineligible to get their CDL and become truck drivers to support themselves financially.

Trucking school students can look for a fresh start and training to get their commercial driver’s license.

How to Get CDL with Criminal Record? – Factors that Truly Matter

Major offenses may prevent you from getting your CDL. So it’s extremely essential to discuss it because you are not the only one who has a felony record. Nobody is here to judge you, be honest, and talk about your criminal past. This won’t stop you from getting employment as a CDL driver.

If you have a minor crime like an overdue parking ticket or accountability of minor accident, you can still get training for your CDL license. But, depending on the seriousness, you may be prohibited from holding CDL.

The trucking industry creates balanced career opportunities for people from all backgrounds. However, a felony record in the past may leave you questioning your eligibility for CDL.

The Felony Conviction Matters

Not every crime can damage your eligibility to get CDL. Trucking is regulated and driver safety is key. Drivers who have troubled past have to jump through more hoops than those with clean records. Sometimes, the time has passed and charges are no longer relevant on your record, causing hurdles to jump.

So, if you’re concerned about your career, you should take advice from a career advisor. Without getting full information, do not count yourself out.

The State You Live In Matters

Whether you as a felon qualify for a commercial driver’s license or not, it all depends on your state of residence. Also, every state has its own rules on CDL that can qualify and disqualify you from your eligibility. Furthermore, criminals who have a temporary or permanent ban on getting CDL should consult with the professionals first.

Get training for CDL to find out about the particular setup and limitations on what you have to do after choosing driving as career.

Being Honest About Your Past

Always remember that we are human beings and we all make mistakes in our life.

What is the important thing to do with these mistakes? We should learn from them and make sure not to repeat and move on.

It’s essential that moving forward you are upfront and honest. In this world, many truckers had their not so good past, so do not think that you are alone.

Always be honest about the situation, sitting down, explain the matter confidentially, will definitely help you to sort out the tough situation.

Remember that you don’t have to take a long time to explain your felony deeply, instead of discussing how you recover from them.

Attitude on Drug/Alcohol Conviction

Drug and alcohol conviction is a driving crime where your license can be revoked. It will require you to wait until it has been reinstated to start your training. The first part of CDL training means you are getting the license permit and you must have a valid license for that. If you have convicted of an OUI, time matters.

Background Check by Trucking Companies

Yes, many trucking companies do check the background or perform background screening in order to get a clear felony record of your past. Background check is the standard method in trucking companies to verify whether there is a felony record in past. It is performed to check the nature and history of crime too.

So, you don’t need to panic, just because you may have been convicted of a crime, doesn’t mean you cannot pursue your dreams. Many states allow felons to get their CDL permits even after a background check.

Being open and honest is not only the right thing to do, but it also shows that you take a responsibility for what happened in the past.

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