Get Hired at KFC with a Felony – KFC is a fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken. It offers a family-style fast food consisting of buckets, and other products made using fried chicken. After being that KFC is a franchise, the employee gets many benefits. For instance, a Flexible work schedule paid time off, health, and life insurance.

You may want to know that how to be hired at KFC with a felony? KFC hires felons. The main thing to remember is that KFC restaurants are part of a franchise. This means the franchise owner has his or her own protocols for employments.

We got some information that KFC hired felons in past for some positions. We appreciate that they giving equal importance to the felons. However, your record will not stop you from being hired in KFC. Although, unable to get the confirmed information that felons worked for them in the past or not. This essential information is based on online research.

How to get hired at KFC with a felony – the Process

If you want to be hired by KFC then firstly you have to do research on their websites and find out, what jobs they offer. The most important thing to keep in mind is your skills, interest, and experience. Because jobs you have done before prison or that while you serving time may help, you get better at the following skills, which can assist you to find beneficiary jobs for you.

  • If you worked in the hospital or concessions, you will get the knowledge of customer services
  • Special job for the warden, in this you learn about how to communicate effectively and do good work with others
  • If you work as a clerk or librarian then will get knowledge of research and library skills
  • Working as a supervisor service, you learned about cleaning and sanitation skills

A professional resume is key to get a job. You might require some helpful guidance from local job agencies for job dressing, interviews, and preparations.

Does KFC Runs Background Check?

According to KFC’s career website, we are doubtable about it but after the online research, we found that they do background checks for shift managers and above. Always keep in mind that backgrounds checks will not compulsory disqualify you from a trade, but a few transgressions may work against you, mainly if you are applying for a certain position.

Get hired at KFC with a Felony – Finding Good Career

KFC is a company that uplifts learning growth for its workers. They honor themselves on building up their employee through the organization. They have two entry-level positions instance Cook and customer services. However, KFC will occasionally train its entry-level employees to work in higher management positions.

As a cook, you would be preparing their chicken and other dishes. You would be in charge of the main product of the company.

You would also have to keep the kitchen spic and span to food service standards. They want you to work well with other team members. As a customer service employee, you would be the one working directly with customers. This is the position that works with the register.

Your work will be taking care of customer’s orders and make sure, that they get good service. Customers would come to you for help and support with their orders. You would also need to keep the dining area fully sanitize and clean.

Does KFC Perform Drug Test?

Yes, KFC has the opportunities to drug test you like other fast-food restaurants. If you are applying for a standard position as a cashier, food server, or other of these positions, then most of the chances are that you are not going to have a drug test.

However, if you have any transgression in the past, then most likely they are going to be hiring or outsourcing this work to another company to handle. This is because they do not have the services for it at the restaurant and these companies would trust the result.

They will make you aware of where the facility is, and when you have to go for the test are going to test you.

KFC Career – Pay Rate and Benefits

There are different pay rates for all the positions in the company and you should know how much they pay. It has some benefits that you need to be aware of that you can get when you work with them.

  • Health and dental insurance
  • 401K plans
  • Annual Bonuses

Moreover, KFC is going to place for you are seeking to make a few extra dollars for spending. This is one of the best places, Go ahead, and make sure that you know about the advantages you can get along with the wages, and even the responsibilities and duties of each position.

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