Securing a job becomes challenging for individuals with criminal records. Here is a short guide on how to make a resume for a convicted felon with a focus on matching interest with the job.

How to make a resume for a convicted felon – the Various Aspects of a Resume

To start resume writing, the applicant must first know the various elements of a resume.

Follow the pattern in a systematic order for maximum impact.

  • Name and profile
  • Contact Details
  • The objective of application and working with the firm
  • Work Experience (In descending order, starting from the latest job)
  • Education (In descending order, starting from the highest qualification)
  • Certifications, Awards, & other Achievements
  • Volunteering Work
  • Technical Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Interests
  • Number of languages known (Add skill level of each language if multilingual)

Keep the resume concise and crisp for maximum retention of readers.

How to Make A Resume for A Convicted Felon – Which Interest Should Enter Your Resume?

The list of interests can change as per the job opportunity. Specific jobs require particular skills. Your skills can help point towards your other traits.

A person who plays a team game is likely to be more social and active.

So, read the description of the job and add interests that are relevant to the work.

Here are a few suggestions of interest, along with the compatible job.

InterestBuilding Things
Jobs for such a hobbyConstruction and production work/helper
InterestCooking or preparing food
Jobs for such a hobbyWork in the hospitality industry as a cook, food preparation, and such other services.
InterestDetailed Work
Jobs for such a hobbyOffice jobs, shipping and receiving, data processing, and stock clerk.
InterestFixing Cars
Jobs for such a hobbyAutomotive technician and other bodywork
InterestHelping others
Jobs for such a hobbyCustomer service, human services aide, and home health aide.
InterestTalking to People
Jobs for such a hobbyRetail work, Telemarketer, food server
InterestStaying Outdoors
Jobs for such a hobbyLandscaper, road maintenance, recycling worker
A table showing interests that match jobs

Your interests should have some connection to the job for better prospects. Hence it is best to look for jobs relevant to the things you enjoy.

How to Determine Your Interests?

For many people, the difficulty lies in finding their interests. A conviction can make life mundane and take the fun out of all your hobbies.

Use the online personality tests to identify and reignite interests. Then, add them to your resume. Moreover, you can try determining your interests by looking at your day-to-day life.

Also, try to remember things that made you happy in life. Then, as per the job, narrow down the list of interests to best fit the role.

But, interests are not something to lie about. Instead, focus on the positives of your interests and how they make you an ideal candidate for the job.

Rekindle some of your interests to socialize with other people via classes or activities. These fun activities can lead to opportunities.

Role of Interests in Career

After conviction, many people want to start a new life. With a past of criminal records, looking for a job that entices becomes crucial.

Here, individualistic preferences can play a significant role in deciding the right career. Your life interests can make any job more enjoyable.

However, if you are under the impression that working in a field of choice will only be fun, lower your expectations today.

For one, doing any work for enjoyment and doing the same thing repeatedly for money are two different concepts.

Reading novels might be fun for you, but doing the same for class can become tiring quickly.


Your personality gives way to your interests. In return, hobbies have a role in shaping your character. After learning how to make a resume for a convicted felon, you can start listing out the interests and soft skills.

Keep the language professional while avoiding any negative words. As ex-convicts, you need to stand out more.

Getting a call back is easier with a good resume. So, invest time in creating one or contact a professional to do the job.

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