Ideally, your resume is as good as nothing if it cannot pass the employer’s initial screening. A resume is an essential document for a job hunt. It enables you to showcase your skills, experience, qualifications, achievements, and hobbies. A perfectly written resume impresses the employer and warrants shortlisting. Recruiters are usually busy. So, it would help if you optimized the top quarter of your resume to arrest their attention. Below are some of the compelling insights to make your resume stand out during the hiring process.

Apply for jobs that match your qualifications

Before you apply for any post, check whether you qualify. Every job post has a requirement or qualification section that details what the employer is looking for. Do you have the academic qualifications? What about the experience? Your resume is likely to be automatically ruled out if you don’t have the stated capabilities.

customize your resume to suit the job post

Every job post has unique requirements. One of the main reasons that resumes don’t catch the recruiter’s attention is because they are generic. Generic CV pisses off human resource executives. They are a sign of unpreparedness. As a job seeker, you should learn to customize and fine-tune your resume to align with the job requirements.

Benefits to the company

Companies are out to make profits. So, they look for people who will be assets rather than liabilities. When drafting a job-winning resume, show how you will be of benefit to the company. For example, tell the amount of business that you can bring monthly or yearly.

Focus on achievements

Achievements make your cv stand out. Employers want to know what you achieved in your previous assignments. Recruiter concludes that if you achieved in your last job, you will if hired. Always clearly articulate your previous job’s achievements in your CV.  

Showcase your skills

Skills are one of the main things that employers screen. Most employers are looking for a communicative, self-motivated team player and an easy-to-work person. To stand out, highlight your relevant skills in your CV. Skills such as good interpersonal skills, communication skills, and team player portray the job seeker as an easy-to-work-with person.  

Attach a cover letter

A cover letter allows you to explain yourself before the interview. It enables you to illustrate why you’re the best candidate for the job. For your CV to stand out, it should be accompanied by a well-written cover letter.


Before you submit your application, proofread and edit both the CV and the cover letter. Remove any typing, grammatical, or punctuation errors. A resume full of flaws is a turn off to the staffing officer(s).

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