Release from prison on parole is a reprise. But, the boon comes with some conditions. For one, ex-felon needs to secure a job in reasonable time as per the conditional release agreement.

So, felons who aren’t actively searching for a job nor have one are likely violating the release conditions.

Steps to Take if Job Search is Failing

Ex-prisoners do not secure work quickly, especially in white-collar jobs. As the process takes time, the parolee has to follow specific steps to avoid violation.

Communicate With Assigned Officer

Each ex-prisoner has a supervising agent. Communicating honestly with the agent is highly recommended. The step includes letting the correction officer know about your job search and status of employment.

Also, in case of any changes in the employment status, inform the officer immediately.

Documentation is Necessary

When meeting with your agent, take all the documentation of the job search. This work will work as proof of your efforts to obtain a job.

Talk to Your Agent

The corrections agent is working with other people in a similar situation. Talking to them about your trouble can help you find solutions. The help can include tips or job leads.

Showing your progress and details of your efforts will encourage your officer to help you. On the other hand, the lack of desire and efforts will likely discourage them from seeing your potential.

What Happens to Parolees Who Do Not Work?

The most common issue with not having a job is financial instability. Survival in today’s world requires a heavy wallet. For ex-felons, a job isn’t just a source of income; it is a passage back into society.

The consequences of not working include

Issues with Rental Assistance

Being eligible for rental assistance requires a source of income. It is a catch 22 situation.

Ex-felons with no job need rental assistance to pay rent. The various organizations that offer help need the receiver to have a job.

Ex-prisoners with no job will find it challenging to get help to pay rent.

Affording Behavioral Programs

Re-entry into society can become a stressful experience for many. Hence, ex-offenders may need treatments and other behavioral programs to improve the situation. Sessions for chemical dependency, domestic violence, anger management, sex offenders, and other therapies rack up bills.

A stable income is necessary to be eligible for the sessions.

Inability to Pay Medical Expenses

Treatment for existing and past medical conditions is expensive in the USA. A job enrolls you on an insurance plan. Depending on the program, it can include physical and mental disorders.

Without proper insurance in place, people get behind on their prescriptions, and that can turn deadly.

Compromises Time with Children 

Ex-offenders with children are responsible for child support. They need a job to fulfill the duty. Moreover, the inability to pay can affect the limited time ex-prisoners have with their children.

Income is necessary to get some supervised visits with your children.

Problems with Support System

Lack of monetary independence can cause friction with a support system. Other people are responsible for your well-being, housing, and different needs.

The massive financial dependence can strain your relationship with loved ones.

Apart from family, lack of a job also affects the self-esteem and worth of ex-prisoners. The circumstances can cause stress and depression.

Try to create long-term goals and divide them into small achievable steps to get results. Moreover, stay in touch with the officer and other people in a similar situation. Share experiences with people in the same proverbial boat to find reliable solutions.

After Joining a Company

With some luck and a lot of hard work, you can land a job. Afterward, provide all the details of your work to the supervising agent. It includes business name, supervisor’s name, address, phone number, and schedule.

Also, your agent will include all the details they will need about the work.

Cooperate with the corrections agent during the job and create an impressive rapport for a successful experience.


Rejections are part of the process. So, do not hesitate to ask for details, help, and guidance whenever needed. Rely on your colleagues and parole agent for relevant information.

Taking one day at a time is ideal for ex-prisoners who want to lead an everyday life.

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