Infographic Resume – Landing a job is quite difficult these days. The competition for a single job position is high, and there is nothing much to say if you are a felon. You will be shocked to know that the recruitment manager takes only 6 seconds to go through your resume online. You need to stand out among the crowd to get noticed and, most importantly, land a job.

A resume is an essential factor when it comes to applying for a job and go through the selection process. It makes a first impression on the recruitment manager. It can either make or break the deal. The old-fashioned basic resume is something that you should get rid of. The world is quickly moving towards digitization, and it only makes sense that you create the resume differently to make a better impact on the recruitment manager.

It is also a universally known fact that people tend to grab the information more conveniently if presented in the visual format. If you are especially applying for a job in a creative or technical field, your infographic resume makes you stand out.

What Is an Infographic Resume? 

These are visual resumes consisting of pictures, charts, bars, and small texts for an explanation. These resumes are primarily tall and narrow in shape. Infographic resumes are user-friendly and easy to understand.

The best part about infographic resumes is that you can now avoid writing lengthy paragraphs to showcase your achievements and qualifications. In these resumes, you have to add eye-catching graphics, use a complementary color scheme, and have plenty of space between them. 

The major objective of an infographic resume is to convey a job seeker’s skills in an attractive, easy-to-read package. 

Benefits of Applying to any Job with Infographic Resume

1. Easier to Read & Understand 

As I have already mentioned above, it is a human tendency that grasps visual information more quickly. Apart from that, another reason that makes infographic resume easier to go through and understand is that it consist of only small texts. Thus only the information is between one to two pages.

The long paragraphs are also excluded. The information in infographic resumes is thus is short, crisp, and to the point.

2. Helps you Stand Out In Crowd 

Jobs openings are less in number. Many people apply for a single job opening, and hence you need to do something different that catches the eye of the recruiter. The Infographic resume trend is catching up, and therefore it is time that you modify your resume to the infographic. These resumes have more discoverability features.

3. Reflects Your Creative Side 

This point is beneficial, especially if you are from a creative or technical field. It will make you stand out from other candidates who show up with a basic resume.

Through your infographic resume, you will be able to show off your creative side to the recruitment manager. It is for sure help you earn some brownie points. This way, you can also present a small demo of your creativity and skills.

4. Visually Appealing 

Pictures, graphics, and colorful backgrounds are attractive to look at, and they add charm to your resume. How appealing you can make it be is totally up to you. You can do it yourself or hire a professional resume-making firm to do the job for you.

5. Provides Information In an Incisive Way

One of the major issues with the basic resume is that the information is cluttered and all over the place. The lengthy headings and paragraphs are not helping. There is a huge chance that the recruitment manager may miss out on the crucial information. 

However, it is less likely to happen when it is an infographic resume. This resume carries the information in an organized manner. 


It is important that we change our ways of presenting resumes in this digital era. It is time to go digital and present yourself and your resume in such a way that the recruitment manager cannot miss out on you. Increase your chances of getting a job by turning to infographic resumes.

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