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There are so many people with criminal records in America. And these people are finding it hard to get a job. So, in order to reduce the number of unemployed people in the country, various initiatives that help felons have been launched.

If you have been convicted of a felony in the past, you will find resources that can help you reintegrate into society. In this article, you will find some of the best initiatives that help felons. Take careful note of them and take advantage of the good that they can do for you.

Fair chance business pledge

As the name implies, the fair chance business pledge is focused on leveling the playing field for everyone. It encourages employers to treat all applicants equally by prioritizing qualifications over criminal records.

This is a call to action that urges all business owners and employers to use accurate systems for background checks. And when a felon eventually gets a job, they should get the same treatment as other workers.

On-the-job training and internships should also be extended by employers to felons. So that when felons have to face the world, they’ll get jobs and never have another reason to commit crime.

Second chance worker re-entry initiative

This initiative was launched by the workforce solutions rural capital area (WSRCA). And the entire program was built to help people with a past record of a felony.

With full knowledge of how ex-convicts are being discriminated against in the job market, those behind this program have taken things to another level by looking out for the concerns of both the employer and the applicant.

They go as far as teaching skills and giving the necessary coaching that felons need. Then, they introduce applicants like you to local employers.

For employers that may have misgivings about employing felons, insurance policies are available. So, while employers are free to set their requirements, they cannot use “high-risk” as an excuse to not employ you.

Ban the box

With respect to the draining interview questions that felons have had to face, ex-offender advocates have launched this initiative. The term “ban the box” actually conveys an important message. This means that the checkbox, which asks applicants to indicate if they have a criminal record or not, should be removed.

While it is completely legal for employers to carry out background checks on every applicant, there should be limits. This is because if an applicant is forced to check the box and show that he has a criminal record, there could be some bias at the initial stages.

But this bias can be eliminated if there’s little or no access to criminal records at the early stages. This will encourage more companies to see all applicants equally and rate them based on their skills and certificates.

Ban the box movement started in 1998, so about 37 states have already put the policy into effect.

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