Living in jail isn’t easy. But, convicts find it harder to live in an open society again.

In jail, the government provides housing, clothes, and shelter. Once they serve the time, they do not get the same benefits.

Also, felons have a record of violent or fraudulent activities.

The lack of income can push felons to commit crimes. The lack of change leads to more time in jail.

Prison is a correctional facility. It should help people lead a normal life. But, time in prison causes more problems.

People with felony charges cannot find jobs. The companies are quick to reject people with criminal records. It is because they can cause problems in the operations.

As most felony crimes are either violent or fraud-related, companies do not hire them.

Major Initiatives for Felons

There are several job placement programs to help assist felons. Moreover, there are other programs to reduce the stigma around the criminal background.

The Two Major Initiatives for Rights of Felons’ Employment

There are several initiatives to help ex-convicts get back on their feet. Some are related to housing and others focus on voting rights.

But, the major factor that truly changes the life of an ex-convict is good employment. It is also one of the most challenging aspects of a normal human life. And convicts have it much worse.

Ban the Box

Ban the Box is a major program to help ex-convicts make a living. In this, the ex-convicts’ lawyers want to remove the criminal record box.

Companies ask for criminal records. A convict needs to tick the yes box. That simple tick removes the ex-convict from the race.

The initiative will give ex-convicts a fair chance of getting the job they want.

Also, it helps potential employees show their skills and experience.

Moreover, the motion also intends to limit the accessibility of employers to criminal records. The employer can only access the records till they are further in the process.

Ban the Box is an initiative that can help reduce discrimination against felons during the hiring process. 

Furthermore, the movement works towards limiting the questions that employers ask of criminal history. 

Ban the box is an excellent movement that has already moved into congress and legislation.

Fair Chance Business Pledge

The fair chance business pledge also supports ban the box. But, it is a bigger movement. It offers a call-to-action asking employers to work towards equality for ex-convicts.

They are urging employers to only focus on the skill set while checking the candidate.

Also, the pledge asks companies to subscribe to equal treatment for all employees. It includes equality for people with criminal records.

Some of the practices that the pledge promotes include

  • Use of accurate systems for background checks.
  • No changes in on-the-job training and internships for convicts.
  • Inclusion of job fares with fair chance employment opportunities.
  • Complete support to programs and other facilities that help in the successful re-entry of felons into society.
  • Giving ex-convicts appropriate clothing, bus passes, and tools they will need for a successful career.

The Fair Chance Business Pledge can help several ex-felons lead a successful life.

Importance of Second Chance

It is humane to make mistakes. While some of them can have everlasting consequences, convicts serve time in prison as punishment.

Once the imprisonment ends, they, too, deserve a fair chance at a successful life.

Several ex-felons agree that the primary reason for their successful re-entry into society is a job.

It gives the individual a chance to lead a normal life. Also, it is the only way to ensure that they can meet all their basic needs.

Wrapping Up

Many companies are already a part of the system to help felons get their life back together.

More people are concluding that people deserve second chances.

These initiatives along with several others can help ex-felons lead a life of dignity.

Felons need to be aware of their rights and rules in the state they live in. It can help create better chances of success.

Also, felons can always take the help of authorities to get back on track.

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