When we talk about one of the best medical jobs for felons, the paramedic is one of them. Meanwhile, the felons who think that their career has ended do not worry. For those who are ambitious to make their career in the medical field, the job of a paramedic gives them hope.

Now, the question is can a felony work as a paramedic? Well, the answer includes challenges to face. However, it is not impossible.

Best medical jobs for felons – Who is a paramedic?

Here, we take into consideration the facts about a paramedic. The type of job and responsibilities the person has to undertake.

The healthcare department hires a paramedic for medical emergency services. The person provides pre-hospital service to the people.

Emergencies can arise at any point in time, and it includes injuries to sickness. To save a person during an emergency, fast and swift action takes place. Further, the paramedics are trained to take care of the person in trauma – from pre-hospital service to hospital emergency rooms.

Look at the main roles the paramedic has to deliver.

  • Transporting patients as fast as they can to the hospital or medical centers
  • Responding to emergency calls whenever wherever needed
  • If possible, to provide on-site medical assistance to the patients
  • Generating reports for the patients and their underlying conditions
  • Keeping the ambulance/vehicle sanitized and well equipped with medical supplies, etc. One paramedic drives the vehicle, the other one attends the patient during a transit
  • It can also become a deadly situation, and the paramedics have to attend the call no matter the weather.

What does the felon need to become a paramedic?

The main responsibility of a paramedic is to provide life support to the patients. Initially as pre-hospital service, then in-transit, and finally the hospital medical emergency service. Secondly, the person also requires advanced EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) training. However, the level of a paramedic is much higher as compared to the EMT.

The person opting for such a medical career requires being an expert in medical procedures, cardiology, physiology, and drug administration. Talking about education, the person gets training as EMT for one to two years. Thereafter, they can take up a professional college degree to become a paramedic.

The candidates appear for the National Paramedic Certification examination. Further, they are certified via the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). Meanwhile, depending on the state, the candidate needs to earn a license in order to practice.

Paramedic course – The pre-requisites for a student

The first step to take the job of a paramedic is to clear the exam and training. Meanwhile, we look at the pre-requisites applicable for the students (including felons).

  • The age should be at least 18 years
  • High school graduation is required
  • A driver’s license is a must as paramedics do drive the ambulance
  • CPR certification, and eligibility tests including fitness, manual dexterity, and vision

Note: The paramedic license is valid for two years only. One has to renew it to keep up the job in continuity. Here, it is recommended top

Best medical jobs for felons – Things to consider

Now, the question is all about becoming a paramedic. However, is a felon allowed to be one? Well, it depends on the state government and criminal conviction policy.

It will straightaway disqualify the individuals with a felony as per the following conditions.

  • A person involving a crime relating to robbery, theft, or burglary
  • Felons entering a plea of guilty with a plea agreement
  • Felony conviction related to sexual abuse, child abuse, or physical assault.

Whereas, the NREMT takes into consideration the nature and severity of the crime. In addition to this, the time elapsed since the last crime, or if the felon did a repeated offence, the person is disqualified. Other key points state that the person should have completed his or her sentence.

However, if a felon was denied by the NREMT from taking the job of a paramedic, they can file an appeal. Later, the state licensing board has to check the particulars.


It is recommended for the felons to reveal everything to take up this job. However, if the records are expunged, then it is the best option. Some states in the USA support felons getting jobs in the medical field. Here, they also help in reducing the felony to a misdemeanor. Building a career in the medical field as a paramedic is possible. Just make sure to focus on being honest with everyone.

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