Talking about the firefighting job, it isn’t a straightforward work to take responsibility for. The appointment takes into consideration public trust by performing the work keeping in mind strict standards. When it comes to a felony, an individual has committed mistakes in their life.

Are they fit to be a firefighter?

Can a felon take the job of a firefighter?

Let us discuss more of this with the article.

So, you were convicted for a felony and now want to end up in a firefighting job? It depends on the criminal record and how the offense prohibits you from getting the job. It is all about how the law was broken, and you were held for a felony.

Getting Hired As a Firefighter with Felony

When a person commits a crime, the same is attached to their record. It includes all the details and what incident happened. For those felons who want to get a job as a firefighter, their criminal record will come the way. However, it depends on what kind of crime an individual commits.

Being a firefighter, one has to stay put as a professional, having standards to follow. Either the person is off duty or at work, they are the best fire service professional for the department. Further, you get much respect from the public. All of this doesn’t come at once, as Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, you don’t get all the good things coming your way at once.

The fire department looks for candidates who are fit to join the service. From ethical to moral standards, they expect the candidates to be capable and willing to follow the standards. For this reason, they might look into the history of a person. Here the background checks will ensure where the felony was a mistake or a serious crime.

However, the felon who wants to get the firefighter job should be honest with the department – convincing the department by sharing that the individual needs to overcome the mistakes. By doing an excellent service for society, maybe the department agrees with your honesty.

But, keep in mind that the job market is competitive, and so is the firefighter job. An individual is competing against several candidates for the same position. Most of them may not have committed a felony and are ordinary people. Some of them may have got prior experience too. Here the honesty works best that proves that you want to move forward by leaving behind the past.

Felony Is Expunged – Can A Person Get Hired Now?

When it comes to expungement, it is the removal or permanently erasing of a felony from your records. Besides, the felon individual will have to take care by not disclosing about the felony conviction. However, applying for government jobs will require you to disclose everything as nothing can hide from them. Whether you will get a career in the department despite expungement, it is recommended to share the truth.

Meanwhile, felonies are classified into different degrees based on the crimes. Based on this classification, the fire department set rules and guidelines. Further, it is apparent that severe crimes are not likely to be accepted by the department. Meanwhile, no federal or state law stops felons from joining the fire department.

What About The Misdemeanor?

Talking about a misdemeanor, it is classified as a crime. However, the level of severity is less than a felony. Thereby, the person held for a misdemeanor will receive a punishment that isn’t severe. A misdemeanor is classified into the following:

  • 1 Class: A person who resists being arrested after involved in a DUI.
  • 2 Class: Crimes such as theft, assault, and trespassing come in this class.
  • 3 Class: It also includes theft along with reckless driving causing damage, criminal mischief
  • 4 Class: This type of classification is rare, such as tattooing without a license, failing to attempt the lost property returns.

Based on this classification, the misdemeanors can still become firefighters, but it is less likely. Further, the department will seek how often the crime was done, repetition, and how long ago.


Every person commits a mistake in their life. Some tend to make more significant mistakes that turn up as crimes. However, the job of a firefighter demands honest and worthy people. Felons who want to leave their past behind can join the fire department. Make sure to share the truth and be honest.

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