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The highest paying jobs for felons may seem impossible given the complications of getting a job after serving a sentence. But, new laws have been ensuring good employment options for ex-felons.

Also, the opportunities include every sector, including technology. Even as an ex-felon, you can advance your career path to jobs with good pay and benefits. Read on to know more about the job details for felons in the tech sector.

Can You Get The Highest Paying Jobs as an Ex-Felon in Tech Industry?

The overall and short answer to the above question is yes. But, as an ex-felon, you need to get aware of the nitty-gritty details.

Legal changes have focused on creating good chances for ex-felons. Also, the “ban the box” initiatives aid them in finding more second chance jobs for felons. If you have served your punishment period and are continuing with crime-free life, you can get jobs, including tech ones.

Also, if you have not committed a crime related to tech, you have a higher chance of a tech job.

With a brief discussion on the norms of getting felon jobs covered, let’s dive into the important details.

A tech job requires you to have tech skills with or without a past criminal record. But, you can still apply for entry-level jobs without tech experience. Besides, such posts can be easy options for ex-felons compared to senior posts. Undoubtedly, Senior posts require a lot of heavy background checks.

With that being said, if you have the skills, you can take your chance with good senior-level posts.

What You Can Do as an Ex-Felon During Seeking Tech Jobs?

Getting direct entry to the highest paying jobs for felons can be hard. So, you can concentrate on working your way from junior level to highest paying jobs.

Talk to ex-felons who are searching for or have received any highest paying tech job. You may get valuable insights from discussing with someone having similar experiences.

Also, check the rules for companies while searching for the highest paying jobs for felons. Not all companies give work opportunities to people with criminal pasts.

Always get prepared to answer questions related to your felony charges. But don’t oversell your interest or capacity.

Highest Paying Jobs for Felons in Tech Industry

There are many good job opportunities in the tech industry. The jobs include the following.

  • Mobile Developer
  • Database administrator
  • Technical support providers
  • Code developers
  • Data analysts
  • Front end developer

Some of these jobs don’t need educational degrees. Also, these opportunities take freshers or give junior-level vacancies.

The above-mentioned ones even include the highest paying jobs for felons. If you lack the required expertise, you can take courses from Udemy and Coursera. These courses will make you more capable of securing a job in the tech industry.

You can even pick up side gigs or freelance work related to tech work. Not everyone gets their happy ending with 9 to 5 jobs.

You can contact a good number of known companies for tech jobs. Such companies include Slack, Facebook, Dropbox, Intel, Microsoft, and Google. Apart from tech giants, look into tech startups and smaller companies.

Final Thoughts

You can get tech jobs as a felon in the tech industry. Even the highest paying jobs for felons are also a possibility.

You can contact well-known tech companies for jobs. Besides, you can take online tech courses to increase your skill. You will always have better chances of securing tech jobs with these courses.

But, you can also opt for entry-level tech jobs that require no experience. Get yourself prepared to answer difficult questions regarding your felony during interviews.

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