Finding a career after you have a criminal record is quite tricky. Talking about the medical profession, it can be much more complicated than a regular job. A person who committed a felony has almost broken the law in some way.

But now, that person requires a job after he or she comes out of prison. Is the medical profession the right career?

Let us take a look at the consideration and job opportunities.

What Is a Felony?

Felony is regarded as a crime in the USA and other judicial systems. A felon can be involved in any crime, such as drug possession, driving under the influence, manslaughter, rape, and much more. At the same time, the crime done by the minors, i.e., a misdemeanor gets into prison for less than one year.

After the designated sentence is over, the felon is required to lead an everyday life. For this, they have to look for a job to sustain themselves and earn money. Regular assignments are hard to find though it depends on state to local authorities. Meanwhile, some of the companies do offer them jobs but with some conditions, etc.

What if a felon wants to choose the medical field as the right career path? Isn’t it more difficult to opt for this field than the others?

We take a look at the next section.

Medical Profession for a Convicted Felon – Is It Possible?

A person who is convicted of a felony can get a job in the medical field. No doubt you have a criminal record attached to your identity; however medical field gives you plenty of opportunities.

The only key consideration to get into a medical profession is to make the employer trust you. But on the other end, you may not get appointed because of a past felony. Further, to sustain a job, the felon can approach local and national agencies.

At the same time, the non-profit organization does support providing jobs for felons. Meanwhile, some support groups can offer you a good job and won’t check for records.

Medical Jobs a Felon Can Apply – The Types

One of the complex working fields, every medical profession still accepts felons to work. Rest, it entirely depends on what kind of role they are given. Either they can work with patients or take care of the medical billing department, etc.

There are several positions to choose from a felon can work. Whereas, some of the medical jobs don’t require them to come in direct contact with people. These jobs can provide a permanent and stable opportunity for the convicted felons.

Without further ado, let us talk about the medical field jobs a felon can get hired for.

Assistant jobs in the medical administration department

Felons can consider taking this position in the medical administration department. It is more focused on clerical work rather than meeting doctors and seeing patients. The work, however, demands responsibility from a felon, and they have to do the following things.

  • Filing and maintaining medical records
  • Maintain doctor’s office and keeping them updated with the schedule
  • Answering phone calls while keeping doctors in the loop
  • Scheduling appointment for patients and keeping their files safe

A quick note on this position is that the felons can be asked for a full background check. Rest, securing a job in the administration department depends on the employer. Further, the medical assistant job is governed by three certifying bodies as under.

  • American Medical Technologists
  • American Association of Medical Assistants
  • National Healthcare Association

Job in the billing department

The importance of a billing department in the medical field is much higher. It bridges the gap between the healthcare system and insurance providers for patients. Further, medical billing demands for the person to know about established codes. These codes avoid the lengthy descriptions replacing them with shorthand.

Responsibilities of this job cover the following tasks:

  • Billing the insurance providers using codes
  • Determining the right code for each record of patients
  • Maintaining and analyzing medical records of patients (Work with the medical administration assistant)
  • Ensuring patient’s reports are not shared with third parties

Certified nursing assistant job

Yet another job for the felons in the medical field is becoming a popular career. As a CNA or a certified nursing assistant, the culprit will work under the registered nurse in a hospital. Take a look at the responsibilities and tasks included in this kind of job.

  • Helping the patients to take a bath and get dressed up, making them eat properly
  • Checking and taking note of the vital signs of patients
  • Helping patients to move from one place to another for those who are unable to walk
  • Keeping the patient’s beds and rooms clean and tidy


There you are. The medical profession calls for hard-working people and felons can work in this field. However, they can reach higher levels of work is done with honesty.

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