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A nurse is a person who has the intention to harbor services to society. An individual who takes up career as a nurse work in hospitals and medical care centers. It is for an average person with high hopes and helping the patients.

However, for the felony criminal, he or she might think twice about taking nursing as a career. The criminal record can stop one from becoming a nurse. Don’t worry, as in most cases, the felon is allowed to become a nurse. Meanwhile, there are some conditions which are to be followed or fulfilled.

As per the law, the individual convicted of a felony can take up this job after a specific time. It also includes whether they have completed their term of sentence. Further, if the felony criminal records have been deleted, then the individual is good to go.

Let us look at how the individual convicted of a felony ends up in the nursing job. We share some of the states in the USA where individuals can think of becoming a nurse.

A Nursing Job With A Felony In Florida

Talking about Florida state, you might end up in the daunting situation of becoming a nurse. You have committed a crime; however, the offense has to be mentioned in the Florida Statutes. It can lead to prohibiting the license to work as a nurse.

Based on these factors, the felon will have to ensure the possibility of this career. Further, there are some steps that one can go through before becoming a nurse.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation recommends doing a self-background verification. One needs to follow the specific instructions during the process.
  • Make sure to collect all the conviction records that support your felony. The court will provide you with the same based on the hearings you have appeared.
  • Check the Florida law statute to know whether the individual is eligible for taking up a nursing license

Note: Felons convicted of fraud related to Medicaid programs will not be entertained for nursing jobs. However, if this is a thing of the gone past, the Nursing board might consider your application.

Further, the nursing job includes dealing with the general public and patients. Keeping in mind a felony record, if the person is convicted of physical assault, abuse, etc., it leads to a review process. The Nursing board checks for if the individual is a repeat offender or done once.

Talking about the expungement, the individual might have to share the details and court orders. It will ease the job application with the Florida Nursing board.

A Nursing Job With A Felony In California

Here the things are different as compared to getting a job in Florida state. The California board of registered nursing will investigate the case of a felony. Further, the Nursing board either allows or rejects the application nursing career for a felon.

However, for the minors, the board considers the job application based on a lenient stance. Meanwhile, honesty plays a better role. The felon individual will have to share everything with the truth to obtain a nursing license.

Take a look at some of the factors the nursing board considers.

  • The extent of the offense done by a felon convict
  • What was the behavior while undergoing the sentence
  • Number of times the individual has committed crimes and pleaded guilty
  • Evidence about the performance during rehabilitation

The California board of registered nursing will not entertain the application based on these factors.

  • Criminal offense relating to physical assault such as murder, theft, etc
  • Convicted of a felony for crimes such as rapes, molestation, sexual assaults, etc.

Meanwhile, the process of background checks and verification can assist the application. The nursing board takes care of the following factors.

  • The court dismisses the charges, and the individual was not arrested. It relates to dismissing the criminal records from history.
  • In case the individual was convicted for a crime but got the records expunged.


There are different rules for other states by the nursing board. Some factors are favorable, and some not. It depends on where the individual is located. So, your query about being a nurse with a felony depends on the state rules. Go ahead and join this rewarding career.

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