Today, you’ll learn about the United States Postal Service (USPS) and if USPS hiring convicted felons, which many people with criminal records overlook when looking for work. 

The USPS, as you’re undoubtedly aware, picks up and delivers mail from coast to coast. What you may not realize is that the USPS has a wide range of job opportunities. There’s a job for everyone here, from mail handlers to mechanics.

In this article, we’ll address the following questions to assist you in acquiring a job with the USPS if you have a felony:

Is USPS Hiring Convicted Felons?

When it comes to employment, felons are among the most excluded. People do not trust convicts. Thus, hiring them in the private or government sector is difficult. However, certain businesses are always willing to sponsor projects that give people a second opportunity.

Is USPS Similar to Those Firms?

Yes, it is correct USPS is hiring convicted felons. The United States Postal Service (USPS) supports projects that give people a second opportunity. They do assess convicts who have been convicted or are facing prosecution. Certain candidates’ recovery attempts are scrutinized. This aids in determining whether they are qualified for the position or not.

Does USPS conduct Background Checks?

Candidates who apply for the job subjected to a comprehensive background check by the USPS. They ensure that only individuals with good rehabilitation histories are hired, despite having various laws and initiatives in place.

The United States Postal Service does not have a separate employment process for criminals. Most people convicted of petty offenses will have little trouble finding work with the USPS. They must, however, be qualified for the position. On their website, a convict can apply for a job immediately.

Has the USPS Ever Employed Felons?

The USPS has employed felons in the past, according to multiple employees. It’s worth noting that it was unknown what kind of felony these employees committed or where they worked. To put it another way, not every Postmaster in every region may be willing to hire convicts.

Even yet, it’s encouraging to learn that some former offenders have worked for the USPS in the past.

Does the United States Postal Service Hires People with Misdemeanors?

According to the sources, they do. Their policy states that they hire based on “individual merits,” therefore, a person’s criminal background will not automatically exclude them. Even if you have a misdemeanor, you should work here if you qualified for the role.

How to get Hired at the USPS with Criminal Background?

USPS is hiring convicted felons. Therefore, your next step should include knowing how to get hired there.

Here are some suggestions for making your application stand out:

Begin by putting together a professional CV. Remember this is your opportunity to make a good first impression, so make the most of it.

Consider the position you’ve been applying for. What abilities will it necessitate? (Read the job description several times and try to match your skills to it if one is available.)

Customize your resume now to emphasize the abilities required for that employment, as well as where you learned them. Being a mail carrier, for example, necessitates a lot of walking. Mention this link if you’ve worked long shifts where you were on your feet the entire time.

Make sure to have someone else read over your resume once you’ve included all of your relevant experience. Many of us have trouble selling ourselves. Friends and relatives, on the other hand, can frequently provide excellent recommendations on experiences or skills. They can also catch any mistakes you make!

It’s not every day that a position at your local USPS location becomes available. As a result, competition for such opportunities might be strong.

Entry Level Jobs for Felons at USPS

The majority of convicts hired for entry-level positions at the USPS. The main reason for this is that they have a lower educational qualification than others. The following are some of the most prevalent positions for which the USPS hires felons:

  • A mail carrier in the city
  • Mail processing clerk
  • Sales associate
  • Associate in distribution


For convicts looking for work, the USPS is an excellent choice. They will have job security, some of the best bonuses, and a high possibility of employment. However, there is fierce rivalry for employment, and to secure one, you must be exceptionally talented and competent.

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