When it comes to getting hired, your past might impact your future. Especially, true in the case of a person with a criminal background! For felons, job searching is stressful. Most of the criminal record searches are used by employers that conduct pre-hire screening.

Why Employers Do Criminal Record Searches?

Generally, employers do criminal record searches before they are going to hire felons. Some of the companies do background checks before hiring employees. They do it because they want to make sure that the candidate they hire should get along well with them for longer.

There are two main reasons employers conduct background checks:

First, employers could be legally responsible if they hire an employee guilty of violence or offense. For example, a company that hires a driver provided he doesn’t drink on the job or doesn’t injure another driver.

Second, employers always want to hire employees they can trust. When it comes to choosing an employee, the preference goes with the candidates without a criminal background.

How Your Background Can Affect Your Job Hunt?

There may be several mitigating factors that employers will take into consideration. They hire depending on what your crime was when it happened, and the position that you’re applying for. In most cases, if your past crime is related to the position you’re seeking, it can affect your rules for job hunting.

As a felon, you must be worried about what’s going to show up on your background check? It’s always better to take a proactive approach to prepare a valid criminal background report on yourself prior to seeking employment. This will not only help you get genuine remarks but also vigorously represent you.

Get Some Help with Your Resume: Build an Attractive Resume

For a person after a felony conviction, a job search isn’t easy, especially intimidating if you have a background that is not favorable. All in all, one thing is that a criminal record shouldn’t stop you from pursuing a good-paying job. The very first step is getting your resume into shape. How can you easily build an Effective Resume? You can take help from online tools for free resume evaluation. In this way, you’ll get detailed feedback including a review of your resume’s appearance and content.

Job Hunting with a Misdemeanor

What is meant by misdemeanor? It is the term referred to crimes that are less solemn in nature. Do you know, most people with criminal records have misdemeanors in their backgrounds? In the U.S., especially many cases are filed every year. Let’s discuss how the different jobs to which you can apply after misdemeanor.

What jobs are available to me with a Misdemeanor?

  • A career in Hospitals as a nurse
  • Daycares or Takecares 
  • Financial Industry
  • School teacher
  • Manufacturing
  • Graphic design
  • Driving
  • Painting
  • Landscaping
  • Cooking
  • Sales and marketing
  • Own business
  • Hotels or Restaurants
  • A security guard or Watchman
  • Warehouse

People with a conviction record may find themselves discouraged as they apply for work because of their criminal history box. Disclosing a criminal history can be concerning, the employer will filter out candidates with a checked box and check their qualifications for the role.

Strategies for Successful Job Searching with a Criminal Record

  • Search those job fields where restored citizens tend to succeed
  • Leave out more challenging job fields & opt for the easier one
  • Look for companies that tend to hire from this demographic
  • Always know your rights as a job seeker
  • Try to avail all the resources available to those with criminal backgrounds
  • Take help from several federal programs
  • Know how much to intricate on an application or during an interview
  • Work on advice to persist on your job path without getting discouraged

The Bottom Lines

The hiring of restored citizens is becoming a common and accepted practice. Rules for Job hunting with a criminal background is no difficult task, provided you know the rules very well. Feel proud to work on valuable skill-sets; be comfortable enough in the application process.  Interview the same way a job seeker without a criminal record would interview. You just have to focus on your skills, the job, and how you can contribute to the company.

A great job is out there waiting for you; let your abilities help connect you. Be Positive, and move forward with a strong zeal.

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