People with a criminal record will run into roadblocks because honestly there are employers who do not want to hire ex-offenders. But this shouldn’t discourage job seekers. They just have to keep trying.

Employers need to know that employment cuts down the rate of recidivism. That is why here we bring a simple career guide helping millions of people out there to find a suitable job.

Tips for Starting a Career after Incarceration

Despite the challenges, it’s definitely possible to start over and build a career. Even the professionals suggest taking career assessments and inventories is helpful.  Certain job search tips can help considering possible job options and create a career trajectory for where you’d like your career path to go.

Training programs—including workforce re-entry programs, pre-apprenticeships, and apprenticeships are available for people who want to make the most out of it. Employers do offer paid training, good wages, benefits, and a good chance of getting hired after you complete the program.

Basic Job Search Tips for Ex-offenders

  • Always be honest about your situation on your application and in your interview.
  • Give good references to them and always verify before you apply for a job.
  • Add all the workplaces you worked in, and mention the correct resources. Your resume and work history will be properly inspected.
  • Be honest with your current situation, and evaluate your skills objectively.  
  • Education is important! Consider additional educational programs and training if required.           
  • Asking for a chance is your right. Don’t be afraid to ask for a chance in front of the employer.
  • Be aware that in some cases, a particular job may be off-limits. It means that your past can affect your future job.
  • Get professionally ready for an interview. Brush up your skills on interview techniques; resume preparation and writing effective cover and thank-you letters.
  • Know which careers match your skills, interests, and work values.
  • Make a well-detailed resume and shows your work skills.
  • A good reference always helps. Learn how to make connections for fair referrals, information, and advice.
  • Be in touch with the employment agencies and partners. Register with temporary hiring agencies.
  • Seek out an organization that offers job placement programs for ex-offenders. Join these placement programs and follow the instructions for a successful interview.  
  • Make sure that you follow proper protocols before you begin your interviews. During your interview, wear formal clothing, don’t be nervous, and be confident. Begin with offering a firm handshake, and maintain eye contact.
  • Always take up a positive attitude.

Finding and Landing a Job after Incarceration

Finding and landing a job after incarceration may sound difficult but isn’t impossible. Your first job may not be the perfect job, but it can help you get the right career.

Once you succeed in your first job, it boosts your confidence and also motivates you to do better every next time. Take some time to prepare for a job and practice question answers for the interview process.

Essential Steps to Start a Job Search

  • Compile important information for job applications
  • Write a strong Resume
  • Find available Jobs & openings
  • Ace the Job Interview

Career Exploration for Ex-offenders – Resources for Getting Assistance

  • Begin with a simple call or search online to find local assistance with training, employment, food pantries, affordable housing, and support groups.
  • There are some American Job Centers (AJCs) that provide free career and employment-related help to job seekers. Get in touch with them to seek help.
  • Be aware of the laws and rights. Get up-to-date information on criminal record clearance and mitigation in your state.
  • Some job searching portals have a list of state and local organizations that focus on helping people with criminal records.
  • There are non-profit organizations that give formerly incarcerated people the tools they need to find employment.

Winding Up

Thinking that there are no jobs available for ex-offenders is wrong. However, there are good jobs available for people with felony records.

Felons must pay attention to how to look for jobs. There are some jobs that people with certain criminal records cannot apply for, while to others they can. Because of your previous record, employers may be suspicious of you. For good career advice, one can avail of the employment and training programs.

Don’t be negative; it’s not always true that your life after custody will end up having nothing. In fact, it can change your life immensely. Your history can help you find even better jobs. So, it’s time to learn about different ways of thinking and moving to the right path.

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