Felons pay for their sins long after retribution in prison. From emotional support to basic needs, gaining everything becomes a challenge for them.

In today’s society, getting a decent job is mandatory for a fulfilling life, unless you come from a wealthy background. Most of the felons do not come from money. Moreover, it is improbable that they have any funds to their name.

Add to it that they find it challenging to get a job, and it is clear that they are heading for a financial crisis.

Moreover, even if they have appropriate money to live by, they will find it impossible to find proper housing and acceptance in society.

Several felons also have bad or no relations with the family, which makes reintegration into society more troublesome.

The Issue with Applying for Jobs as Felons

When companies hiring ex felons apply for jobs, the background check reveals several of their past mistakes. It can cost them job opportunities.

It is common to consider ex-felons dishonest and violent people who may commit the crime on the job. Hence, several employers stay away from hiring convicts for the job.

Explanation and Approach to Your Past Life

Many ex-felons struggle with navigating job interviews. There seems to be no right time to mention the background, what information to divulge, and things to say.

For many, just the thought of sharing these details makes them nervous. But, for people who have convicted felon records, it is even worse.

Ex-felons can use the background information at the interview to show their growth, talk about their experience, and mention things they have learned. It can turn the negative aspect of your life into a positive for the future.

Being in Control

In a situation when you are in control of your narrative, there is a better chance of success. The same is true when you address the past.

Not a Fair Chance

Many companies will not consider felons for a job regardless of what they say in the interview. It is the truth of life that ex-felons need to come to terms with while searching for a job.

But, with the vast number of felons in the system, many people have close friends and relatives in the same boat. Hence, they are more likely to offer a fair chance while trying for an interview.

How to Approach the Job Application?

Job applications today do not ask for criminal records right away. It is against the law in 31 states and 150 cities and counties thanks to ‘Ban the Box.’ Firstly, check if your city has the law in place.

If it does, you are in luck as your felony charge will not result in instant disqualification.

Once you land the interview, you can heed the following advice for better results.

Do not mention criminal background immediately: There is no need to rush into the criminal records. First, make sure that you are getting along with the interviewer. Also, discuss the job details clearly to determine whether you genuinely want the job.

Decision Time

For jobs, where the answer to wanting the job is a no, you do not need to mention anything about your criminal background.

But, if you like the job, you need to bring up your past.

Keep It Brief

Politicians get away with several incidents as they take control of the narrative. People love character development, so take about the incident and take responsibility for your actions. Do not play the blame game. The court did not rule in your favor, and the interviewer will not offer the benefit of the doubt.

Talk about regretting your actions and learning from the experience. Talk about wanting a second chance to prove yourself in front of family and friends. A sincere human interaction can open several doors.

Talk about Rehabilitation Efforts and Development

Mentions of classes, reduced time due to good behavior, volunteer hours, and other services can add value to the interaction.

Mention your Strengths

All job seekers have to convince the interviewer about their potential at the job. You can also volunteer to work on a probationary period for some time to help the company evaluate your skills.

It is your responsibility to convince them but never beg for a job.


Ex-felons who prepare well have better chances of securing a job. But do not hesitate to take your chances and apply for your dream job. The worst that can happen is rejection.

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