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The role is critical in building the data infrastructure that supports our product, marketing, sales and CX efforts. Leveraging experience in data architecture and modeling we aim to improve data flows and ensure clean and accessible data for reporting and analysis.


Data Architecture and Modelling:

Analyze the current data architecture and identify opportunities for improvement.
Design and implement data models to optimize data storage, retrieval, and analysis.
Collaborate with product, marketing, sales and CX teams to understand their data needs.

Data Pipeline Management:

Develop, migrate and maintain data pipelines using tools like Segment, Wix, Braze, Salesforce, Amplitude, Domo, Stripe and Auth0.
Implement processes for data quality monitoring and ensure data consistency.
Maintain and troubleshoot existing data pipelines as needed, including Sev12 issues.

Documentation and Training:

Document data architecture, data pipelines, and processes for ongoing maintenance.
Provide training and support to the broader team on data access and utilization.


Extensive experience in data engineering
Strong understanding of data architecture and modelling principles.
Proficiency in data pipeline development and management tools (e.g., Segment, Python scripting).
Experience with Martech, Sales, Business Intelligence software Wix, Braze, Amplitude, Domo, Salesforce, Google Analytics, etc.
Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
Ability to document technical processes for a non-technical audience

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