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Kraken is the technology tentacle of the Octopus Energy Group.
We’re looking for someone to own the knowledge management of Kraken products and to lead across a wide spectrum of documentation: user guides, API docs, reference guides, and technical guides.

About Kraken

Kraken is a large and complex platform with two main products; Kraken Customer and KrakenFlex.
Kraken Customer has around 20 worldwide utility companies (’clients’) which they use to run their businesses. Some of these are ‘internal’ clients – country-specific instances of Octopus Energy – while others are licensees.
KrakenFlex enables commercial customers to connect and control a diverse range of distributed energy resources, and domestic customers to manage and control smart-home devices – including batteries, electric vehicles (EVs), and home solar panels.

Documentation at Kraken

We have a collaborative (some might describe as anarchic) culture of documentation at Kraken involving many individual contributors, most of whom are developers. At Kraken Customer, documentation is currently co-ordinated by a ‘guild’ of around 300 members! KrakenFlex has recently hired a full-time technical author.

The challenges we’re facing with documentation

Kraken instances around the world involve a lot of common behaviour, but also differ considerably.
Some readers want to know about how a specific instance behaves (e.g. users), others want to know what Kraken is capable of in general (e.g. delivery leads, potential licensees).
Some readers want a high level overview, others want detailed technical guidance.
Contributors to docs have varied levels of technical skill – e.g. some docs are better suited to a CMS, others to a code repository.
Changes to Kraken are deployed hundreds of times a day. How do we make sure people see changes relevant to them?
Discoverability is an issue: we have many different places where documentation can be found.
We use many tools such as GitBook, Notion, Knowledge Owl, Sphinx, and MkDocs; can we consolidate them?

What you’ll do

Take ownership of documentation as a core product offering of Kraken and help make it world class.
Implement standards of documentation across Kraken and hold people to account for producing it.
Work across multiple organizations to identify ways to reuse content.
Own decisions about the documentation platforms we end up using, be they third party services or – potentially – custom-built solutions.
Help to implement efficient solutions for translation into multiple languages.
Build our capacity to produce content, through training and/or hiring.

What you’ll need

Leadership qualities to inspire and motivate people across organizations.
A passion for documentation.
Excellent organization skills and the ability to design processes for others to follow.
Ability to write exemplary content.
Enough technical background to understand API documentation, data models and content management.

It would be nice for you to have… (it’s OK if you don’t)

Experience of implementing content strategy.
Knowledge of up-to-date technical writing principles.
Awareness of different authoring methodologies and tools.

If this sounds like you then we’d love to hear from you.
Studies have shown that some groups of people, like women, are less likely to apply to a role unless they meet 100% of the job requirements. Whoever you are, if you like one of our jobs, we encourage you to apply as you might just be the candidate we hire. Across Octopus, we’re looking for genuinely decent people who are honest and empathetic. Our people are our strongest asset and the unique skills and perspectives people bring to the team are the driving force of our success. As an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate on the basis of any protected attribute. Our commitment is to provide equal opportunities, an inclusive work environment, and fairness for everyone.

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