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FutureSight is seeking an experienced and visionary entrepreneur to co-found an Age-Tech B2B SaaS startup with us.

Studio Overview:

FutureSight is a leading venture studio that co-creates world-class software companies with values-driven entrepreneurs from inception to exit. We are a team of founders, operators and designers with experience successfully bringing software to market at scale.

You’ll work closely with John Carbrey, a 4x entrepreneur who has experience across several verticals in B2B SaaS and bootstrapped his past venture from 0 to $100M in ARR.

You’ll also work closely with some of our other leaders, including Joshua, a seasoned CFO and strategic advisor who has taken tech companies to exit with a value of over $200M; Kevin, a product leader who specializes in taking companies successfully from 0 to 1 and beyond; and Prathna, an active early stage investor and strategic advisor to founders on capital strategy, growth and team development.

Opportunity Overview:

In a world where an aging population grapples with increasing healthcare needs and independent living complexities, the urgency of age-tech SaaS solutions is paramount. Seniors face challenges like chronic condition management and daily task management, often without accessible support. Age-tech SaaS platforms offer vital tools for healthcare management, daily assistance, and tailored support, enhancing seniors’ lives and filling a critical market gap. This presents a significant business opportunity to meet the needs of an aging demographic.

What we bring to the table

A proven process and playbook

We’ve done this before and made mistakes. We are here to help you avoid them.

A committed and engaged team

From day one, a superstar bench of marketers, designers, and technologists is here to work with you.

A lifelong partner with capital

We’ll be your co-founder and first investor supporting the growth of the business.

What you bring to the table

You’re motivated to co-found a new venture as the CEO

With or without us, this is your calling.

You know what you’re signing up for

You have co-founded a company (product company or B2B SaaS venture), have been at a venture-backed company or have equivalent intrapreneurial experience.

Domain knowledge and Experience

5+ years of experience in gerontology, healthcare, or related fields is highly valuable. Note this does not mean we are building a health-tech play. We are aiming to build in an adjacent market.
2+ years experience in healthcare, eldercare, aging services, or related industries.

Nice to Have: Leadership experience at an Age-tech SaaS startup

What you can expect

Daily active engagement with our team

Early-stage testing, validation, and refinement of business ideas to ensure product-market-fit.
Be prepared for us to kill many ideas with you before we get to the silver bullet.
Create prototypes to help validate and sell potential solutions.
For validated opportunities, launch an initial product, achieve initial market traction, prepare for pre-seed, and seed fundraise

You will be building:

A team, a product, a revenue model, a business and an investor base.


You will own the P/L of the new entity.
You will have a significant equity stake in the new business.
This is a full-time role. We are looking for someone to commit full-time and exclusively to building and owning a new SaaS venture


Ready to commit full-time and exclusively to an entrepreneurial journey
Have the risk appetite and capacity. Read more on our post on the Entrepreneurial Risk Profile

Relevant domain expertise and/or industry advantage in the AgeTech space, you understand this industry and are passionate about solving the challenges in this industry
Have previous experience co-founding and leading an early-stage company (product company or B2B SaaS venture)
Desire to be a venture-backed co-founder
Generalist with solid skills in a key startup discipline (sales, tech, product, design, marketing, etc.)
Experience pitching to investors and raising capital

To be considered

If this is the perfect opportunity, we want to hear from you!

Submit your Resume, and your LinkedIn profile and tell us more about why you think we should chat!

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