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Italic is creating a world of luxury without labels. We believe that luxury today is exclusionary and all about marketing that hurts its customers and manufacturers. Our mission is to create a new model that enables manufacturers to bypass the legacy luxury supply chain and deliver luxury goods with equivalent or better quality directly to consumers. Our customers come to rely on Italic for our quality, timeless design, and radical value.

Italic is seeking an experienced Head of Product to lead our product development, demand planning, and buying cycles. The ideal candidate will bring a strong retail background, hands-on experience as a buyer or merchandiser, and a deep understanding of product lifecycle management from conception to launch. You will be responsible for overseeing the creation of new products that meet our customers’ needs and expectations while also ensuring that our inventory aligns with demand forecasts and market trends.


Product Development and Management

Lead the end-to-end process of new product development, from ideation and concept testing to product launch and post-launch analysis.
Collaborate with design, engineering, and marketing teams to ensure product specifications meet market needs and brand standards.
Establish and maintain a product roadmap, prioritizing product development projects based on strategic objectives, market research, and customer feedback.

Demand Planning and Inventory Management

Oversee demand planning and forecasting, utilizing market data and sales trends to accurately predict customer demand and optimize inventory levels.
Work closely with the supply chain and logistics teams to ensure timely procurement and availability of products, minimizing stockouts and excess inventory.
Implement buying cycles and strategies that align with seasonal trends and promotional calendars, ensuring a fresh and relevant product assortment at all times.

Leadership and Strategic Oversight

Build and lead a high-performing team of product managers, buyers, and merchandisers, fostering a culture of innovation, accountability, and collaboration.
Develop and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) for product development and inventory management, making data-driven decisions to improve product performance and customer satisfaction.
Serve as a key member of the leadership team, contributing to overall business strategy and providing insights on product trends, customer preferences, and competitive dynamics.


Technical Skills

Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Fashion Merchandising, or a related field. An MBA or relevant postgraduate degree is a plus.
A minimum of 10 years of experience in the retail industry, with a strong background in product management, buying, or merchandising.
Proven track record of successfully bringing new products to market, with expertise in demand planning, inventory management, and buying cycles.
Familiarity with retail analytics, market research tools, and inventory management software.

Soft Skills

Exceptional leadership and team-building skills, capable of nurturing talent and leading cross-functional teams to achieve product and business goals.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to translate data and trends into actionable insights and strategies.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, adept at collaborating with internal teams, suppliers, and stakeholders to drive product initiatives.


A visionary leader with a passion for retail and product innovation, constantly seeking out new trends and opportunities to delight customers.
Strategic thinker with a keen eye for detail, capable of balancing creative vision with practical business considerations.
Adaptive and resilient, comfortable navigating the fast-paced and ever-changing retail landscape, and able to lead teams through challenges and change.

Joining Italic as the Head of Product offers a unique opportunity to shape the future of our product offerings and significantly impact our growth and success in the retail market. If you are a seasoned retail professional with a passion for product excellence and a track record of driving results, we invite you to apply.


Great Brands Start With Great People

Our culture focuses on performance, integrity, and longevity. We believe that the best brands are not grown through sheer force but rather through deliberate decision-making and persistent effort over a long period of time. We are committed to creating a workplace where talented individuals can thrive in building an enduring, beloved brand that we all take pride in.

Inputs Over Outputs

We value the effort and work that goes into achieving results rather than just the end result. We believe that investing in our people and processes will lead to better outcomes while also creating a more sustainable and enjoyable environment.

Flat Hierarchy

Our company has a flat hierarchy and values the input and ideas of all team members. We believe that everyone has the potential to make a significant contribution to the success of the company.

Small Team, Big Opportunities

As a small team, all employees are expected to take ownership in their work. Some might move faster while others are fine with a slower pace. Those who seek to move faster in their career will be able to do so based solely on merit, contribution, and performance.

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