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We are a Digital Product Engineering company that is scaling in a big way! We build products, services, and experiences that inspire, excite, and delight. We work at scale — across all devices and digital mediums, and our people exist everywhere in the world (15000+ experts across 26 countries, to be exact). Our work culture is dynamic and non-hierarchical. We are looking for great new colleagues. That is where you come in!

Job Description

Must have Skills : Python (Strong), Machine Learning Solution Design (Strong), TensorFlow, PyTorch, Job Description : The Industry and Automation Practice at Nagarro is responsible for working with a wide range of industrial clients to enable their business transformation goals. We help co-create digital solutions that assist our clients in their Industry 4.0 journey. These Industry 4.0 solutions leverage diverse technologies such as Industrial IoT, Cloud, Reality Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, SAP S/4 Hana, Custom Application, 5G, and more. We are looking for a technology leader to steer some of our key initiatives with clients: Mandatory skills: Python/ Spark, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, problem-solving, machine learning libraries like TensorFlow, Pandas, sci-kit-learn, Keras, etc., deep learning libraries like Pytorch, CAFFE, MXNet, OpenVINO and OpenCV, etc., and Natural Language Processing libraries like NLTK, Gensim, CoreNLP. Good understanding of the Generative AI on text and image aspect with Hugging Face, LangChain, Google Generative AI Studio, Azure Open AI services, and Generative AI on AWS and demonstrable experience with foundational models such as GPT3.5, Falcon, LLMA, Stable Diffusion, etc. The candidate must demonstrate the following skills and experience: 1. Demonstrated experience working on ML (Machine Learning)/ DL (Deep Learning)/ AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies using custom algorithms or technology platforms. 2. Working experience with SQL and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, etc. Working experience with Python/ Spark AI and ML stack. Ability to design and implement workflows of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Variational Auto Encoders, Transformers, and Generative Pre-Trained Transformers. 3. Experience in creating AI and ML Models, leading to quality deliveries adhering to the best practices of MLOps. Experience working with mlflow, and Kubeflow conducting machine learning deployments in the cloud and on-premises. Experience in optimizing machine learning and deep learning models, preferably putting ML models on edge. 4. Experience in architecting Data and AI solutions, collaboratively working with enterprise application architects to design enterprise application road maps for AI. 5. Work with business stakeholders, business consultants, and pre-sales consultants to understand and translate their needs into technical requirements. 6. Candidate should be fluent in the agile delivery model with experience in working with any of the an agile product management tool, preferably JIRA. 7. Ability to guide the team on AI and ML approaches, and technical solutions, perform code review, and define integration strategy. 8. Effective written and verbal communication skills are essential to communicate in a global team and with clients. 9. Preferable to have a working knowledge of at least 1 cloud hyperscaler out of Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. 10. It is highly desirable to have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with at least two of the vision, audio, and text base AI frameworks. 11. It would be advantageous to have experience as a technical lead while working in one or more of the following use case domains: manufacturing, heavy engineering, automotive, consumer goods, food, agriculture, chemicals, agriculture, building materials, electronics, etc.

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