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CloudQuery is seeking a talented individual to join our core team to work on CloudQuery Cloud, which is powered by our popular open source framework and more than 100 popular connectors


Work with engineering team, CEO, Product on both existing and new features.
Lead features end-to-end from RFC→Implementation→Testing→Documentation→Release
Working and leading the efforts across all our frontend assets: Web, Documentation and Cloud Offering.


6+ years of experience in software engineering
2+ year of experience in React.
Experience with Node.js and Next.js
Solid base in browser tech: CSS&HTML, animations, performance, rendering
Good experience in testing — unit and integration
Self-guided, Resourceful, Excellent communicator
Championing automation to reduce toil and increase development velocity
English as spoken and written English to be able to write solid documentation for new features you develop.


Remote-first company!
Competitive pay with significant options pack upside.
Remote-friendly environment and culture that nurtures company and team events to stay connected
Lots of responsibilities with tons of opportunities for advancement!

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