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Our client is a company creating an innovation ecosystem platform that connects industries to disruptive technologies by linking stakeholders (governments, hub, startups, research groups & corporates). This platform is based on Generative AI and Neural Networks, enabling the discovery of emerging technologies and transforming industries.

They are looking for a senior IT ecosystem developer with a focus on blockchain integration for their platform.


This rol involves working in both Boston and Madrid, providing a unique opportunity to collaborate with diverse teams. You will be responsible for developing and maintaining innovative decentralized web solutions with a focus on blockchain integration for the platform.

The key responsibilities are:

Blockchain Architecture: Design and architect decentralized solutions, emphasizing blockchain integration.

Smart Contracts Development: Implement and deploy smart contracts on blockchain platforms, ensuring code integrity and security.

Decentralized Storage and Networking: Design and implement distributed storage solutions compatible with blockchain environments. Develop and implement peer-to-peer communication protocols.

Identity and Access Management on Blockchain: Implement decentralized identity solutions within a blockchain context. Design and enforce secure authentication and authorization mechanisms using blockchain principales.

Security and Encryption in a Blockchain Context: Ensure the security of decentralized components through robust encryption, adherence to blockchain security best practices, and conduct security audits.

Collaboration and Integration: Collaborate with UI/UX designers, backend developers and other stakeholders to integrate blockchain components. Integrate decentralized components with external systems and APIs.

Testing and Optimization in a Blockchain Environment: Conduct comprehensive testing of smart contracts, decentralized applications, and blockchain components.

Monitoring and Maintenance in a blockchain ecosystem: Implement monitoring tools tailored for blockchain and decentralized systems to ensure continuous operation. Establish protocols for maintenance, issue resolution and system updates.


Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science or a related field.
Proficiency in programming languages such a Solidity, Python or Javascript.
Experience understanding of blockchain platforms (Ethereal, Hyperledger or similar)
Proven experience in blockchain development, decentralized architectures and smart contract.
Strong knowledge of distributed systems, cryptography and consensus mechanisms.
Experience with decentralized identity solutions, peer-to-peer networking, and blockchain security.
Excellent communication skills and problem-solving.
Ability to work collaboratively in dynamic and innovative environment.
Familiarity with decentralized storage systems such as IPFS.
Expertise in smart contract audits and security assessments.
Contributions to open-source blockchain projects.

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