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Maneuver Marketing is dedicated to building, operating and scaling brands.

In 5 years, we grew our own health and wellness brand from $0 to USD$160M in annual revenue, serving more than 2,000,000 customers worldwide. Our brand’s success is driven by our commitment to providing high-quality health products. This result has brought us recognition by The Financial Times, ranking us 12th in 2023, 25th in 2024 among Asia Pacific’s High-Growth Companies. In both 2023 and 2024, The Straits Times and Statista consistently recognized us among the top 10 fastest-growing companies in Singapore.

Key Outcome & Considerations

2024: Grow new customer acquisition to $1M+ per month with the following considerations:

Penetrate all major French-speaking markets, including but not limited to Belgium, Canada, France, and Switzerland.
Achieve and maintain first-order breakeven.
Consider all reasonable and impactful growth levers including but not limited to offers, shipping, payment methods.
Oversee customer retention efforts and progress to increase lifetime contribution margin, including emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and other related channels.
Oversee customer service and experience results in relevant markets.
Support and include channel expansion efforts (e.g. Amazon) as part of the overall growth strategy.


Phase 1: Lever on high-performing English assets

Develop and maintain a consistent and effective project timeline to ensure sufficient creative output to support short-term scaling needs.
Work with media buyers to highlight top-performing assets on any channel, including but not limited to ads, funnels, and offers.
Work with a transcreation partner to produce and test these assets in the French markets.
Apply project management skills to prioritize asset creation, double down on areas of higher impact, certainty, and ease.
Manage ad campaigns, starting with Facebook and Instagram, to meet mid-term acquisition targets both in volume and cost.
Package routine tasks into repeatable processes; outsource and train Virtual Assistants to perform routine tasks to increase your effectiveness.
Work with the Retention Marketing team to build out the basic email and SMS strategy for the French market.
Work with the Customer Service team to regularly review customer feedback and make minor adjustments to the ads. For major adjustments, collate the key takeaways to implement in Phase 2.
Monitor and verify that routine tasks are performed up to standard on a regular basis.

Phase 2: Develop French-specific creative assets

Update and maintain a consistent and effective project timeline to ensure sufficient creative output and quality to support mid-term scaling needs.
Implement feedback from customer service team in our creatives.
Source and work with a French direct response copywriter to develop creative assets (e.g. copy for ads and landing pages, captions for images) customized for the French markets (including awareness of tone, culture and subculture), with a focus on persuasion.
Work with the copywriter to build and maintain a creative library for the French market.
Work with a designer to create new images and landing pages customized for the French market.
Innovate and test different campaign structures to achieve higher cost and volume efficiency for acquiring and retaining customers.
Brainstorm and test new copy angles and creative concepts with copywriter and designer to find new breakthroughs for the market.
Work with the Retention Marketing team to build out the advanced email, SMS, and direct mail strategy for the French markets.
Apply Project Management skills and highlight additional resource needs to support higher levels of activity in a sustainable way.

Phase 3: Create a complete local strategy for the French customers

Work with the Operations and Supply Chain teams to localize last-mile fulfillment and improve customer conversion rates, shipping fees, and LTV.
Work with the Marketplace and Business Development teams to create cross-channel marketing campaigns to increase demand capture and physical availability.
Work with the Google team to ensure Search marketing is supporting our demand generation and capture needs.
Hire, build, and lead a marketing team to support market expansion needs in the French market.
Reflect on lessons learned and adapt working principles to expand into other markets in Europe, including but not limited to German, Dutch, and Spanish.


You are a great fit if you are/have

At least 3 to 5 years of relevant experience working with DTC brands as a media buyer.
Strong analytical skills – ability to work with data, analyze metrics as a system, and understand the right marketing levers to improve results and performance.
Some experience in direct response copywriting and persuasion principles – including but not limited to Robert Cialdini, Dan Kennedy, Eugene Schwartz, Gary Halbert, etc.
Strong media buying skills – experience managing and scaling 5 to 6 figures in ad budget a day profitably, experimenting with different campaign structures, influencer whitelisting, and manual bid strategies.
Strong project management skills – ability to identify outcomes, develop plans, and implement initiatives to achieve the outcomes, while iterating along the way with real-time data and feedback to improve the plan and execution. The ability to stay on top of multiple initiatives at one time, without sacrificing quality, is valuable.
Strong project coordination skills – ability to work with multiple partners, both inside and outside of the organization, while keeping projects running smoothly and according to timelines.
Other important soft skills – resourcefulness, organization, independent, problem-solver.
Other important hard skills – interest in creative performance and testing, persuasion, and general marketing skills.

Work Arrangement

This is a full-time position with a remote work arrangement.
We work Monday to Friday, 10am to 7pm SGT (GMT+8) and you will be required to coordinate with the team for at least 3 overlap hours a day in the SGT timezone.


Competitive salary and performance-based bonuses.
Opportunities for professional development and advancement.
Collaborative and dynamic work environment.

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