Jobs and housing programs for felons – Finding work as an ex-convict in New York is difficult, despite the city’s bustle. This isn’t to say it won’t happen, but you’ll have to accept rejection as part of the process.

However, ex-felons might begin their career by attending classes and strengthening their preparation for re-entry into the workforce. They might also look for jobs and housing programs that can assist them in finding jobs.

Job and Housing Programs for Felons – Famous Organizations Serving the Purpose

When looking for firms that hire convicts and jobs for felons in NY, it is good to contact the organizations that assist with this process.

Check out the list of top organizations serving the purpose.


STRIVE is the nation’s premier solution for persons facing the most significant barriers to work. Their tried-and-true strategy drives ex-convict into occupations that lead upward mobility and access to the American Dream.

When people are committed to improving their lives, STRIVE gives a road to a job that will forever alter their lives.

Their mission is to assist felons in acquiring the life-changing skills and attitudes required to overcome adversity, obtain long-term work, and become significant contributions to their families, companies, and communities.

Center for Employment Opportunity

The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) provides persons who have just been released from jail with the continuous support they need to establish career capital and financial security.

They give equal consideration, regardless of individual background. Also, felons here are entitled to the opportunity to strive for a brighter future for themselves and their families.

As the country’s largest re-entry employment provider, the CEO alters how the government invests in criminal justice and workforce development.  They are now leveraging their scale, expertise, and data – supported by our participants’ input on what works.

America Works

America Works assists with entry-level job placement for persons who generally struggle to obtain work, such as ex-convicts.

The participants receive a week of training ahead of time, and once hired, they receive follow-up and support.

America Works has offices in several states, including New York, Wisconsin, California, Maryland, Illinois, and New Jersey.

Other resources that can help felons in getting employment


They assist felons in finding jobs in their local region. For ex-convicts looking for work, this is a veritable mine of information.

One-Stop Career Center

This is a collaboration of federal and state job-seeker help agencies.


This nonprofit organization provides training and assistance to homeless and low-income individuals.

Housing for Felons in New York

Finding adequate accommodation for ex-offenders is a crucial aspect of the rehabilitation process.

While some people have a place to live after releasing from jail, many will be homeless. Finding someone ready to rent to a convicted felon might be tough.

The majority of available housing for criminals

Fortunately, some groups assist ex-felons in finding acceptable housing. The DOE Fund Ready, Willing, and Able Program ( is one of these organizations that provide a variety of services, including housing aid.

Housing options are available not only for ex-convicts but also for persons living with HIV/AIDS, those with physical and mental impairments, and those in need and facing homelessness.

For female felons, there is Providence House

Providence House assists women and children in finding temporary refuge. They also assist folks who come to Providence House to locate a permanent housing package.

The federal government also assists certain groups of ex-felons in finding accommodation. The PATH – Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness provides information on housing alternatives for persons with criminal histories.

Of course, if an ex-felon is a registered sex offender or active in drug trafficking or production, they will be denied some benefits.

In New York, felons have several jobs and housing programs available to help them turn their lives around and leave a life of crime behind. The major problem is determining where to begin looking. The easiest method to locate accessible support is to ask parole officials, pastors, and others in their network, including previous criminals, for assistance.

Finding employment for felons in NYC will finally reward the ex-felon who is ready to keep trying. While many of the employment will be for minimal salary, some former inmates have been advanced to more significant positions with perseverance and positive attitude.

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