These are jobs for convicted felons in Orlando. Here are jobs available at Costco ORLANDO (CALL CENTER), Florida.

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Costco Logistics AGM: This position requires interaction with all areas of the Member Service Center business, including online/general member services, Central Processing and Card Services, Technical Services, Workforce Management, building and administration operations. Directs, plans, and coordinates programs and applications necessary for ensuring successful Member Service Center operations. Responsible for the operation of the location in the absence of the Director of Operations. Addresses personnel issues and oversees tasks performed by all employees. Is responsible for understanding, teaching, and maintaining our culture, core values and ethics. Builds relationships that inspire and motivate others. This is a full-time management/leadership position (45+ hours per week), and may require periodic location reassignment.

Costco Logistics Content Developer/Trainer: Responsible for the development and training of Costco Logistics’ Member Service Center staff including all new hires, seasonal e

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