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Everyone wants to get a good life, a perfect job to sustain life, and so on. When it comes to people who have committed felonies, things become daunting. As the criminal record has been linked to your name, you may find it difficult to end up in a job of your choice.

Further, a professional life after a felony is hard to start. You ask yourself several questions such as:

  • What are the jobs that I can apply for?
  • Are there felony-friendly companies that hire people with criminal records?
  • Can somebody help me to earn money thereby leading a wonderful life?

To address all these queries, look for the top jobs for ex-felons in New York City. It will be a perfect solution for the person to earn well, become a part of society, and start a professional career.

In the next section, we take a dig at the top felony-friendly jobs. The person who has committed a felony can surely find a good career by applying to any one of them.

Further, it is New York, one of the largest cities in the USA. People from all across the globe come here to earn their livelihood. Why not the ex-felons find one and settle?

Jobs for Ex-Felons in New York City – Find the List

Here are the the best jobs for ex-felons in New York City.

Peer Support Advocate

For the people who have been affected by the criminal justice system, this job is for them. With this opportunity, the ex-felons are able to restore their lives and proceed further. Meanwhile, this program is specifically for individuals who want to return to normalcy from incarceration.

Talking about the work, it may be divided into office work and remote work. Furthermore, it depends on the position as well as requirements.


  • Weekly check of families with home visits
  • Monitoring the families with coping skills
  • Be a guide to the families in engaging & practicing new life skills
  • Focus on crisis prevention by attending services and plans
  • Preparing audit as and when required
  • Contributing ideas that focus on innovation and development methods

For more information, one can check and apply for the job here

Traffic Control Specialist

A full-time job for the ex-felons in the field of traffic control and management. A traffic protector job ensures people reach home safely. It can include customer crews of a company, drivers, and other personnel.

If you like to be different every day by working outside, this job is for you. Secondly, take control of the traffic and make rules independently. Further, the ex-felons can take this job without going to college.


  • Setting up a safe work zone environment in the city and neighboring areas (Queens)
  • Focus on keeping everyone safe while communicating with others in your team
  • Responsible for controlling traffic flow
  • Customer protection is the key role to perform

For more information, one can check and apply for the job here

William J. Brennan Fellowship Position

A good opportunity for ex-felons who have recently graduated in law. They can apply for this position as a legal fellow for up to two years duration.

Meanwhile, the project focuses on protecting and expanding freedom of expression, right to privacy, inquiry, etc. It ensures that civil liberty is enhanced and not compromised.


  • Participation in litigation of federal and state courts at all levels
  • Interviewing clients, and assisting in drafting briefs
  • Service as a resource in the company for legislative as well as policy work
  • Engage in special duties assigned
  • Commitment to the mission of the company
  • Work in collaboration with other members

For more information, one can check and apply for the job here

Recovery Mentor

This job states that the person is responsible for outreach, engagement to individuals and their families. The mentor also takes care of the individuals who have survived an overdose at the hospital. Further, they have to assist with any kind of community-based services.


  • Meet the individuals on their arrest, making them eligible for quick criminal justice
  • Notify and inform RCDA of any delays while traveling to the NYPD precinct
  • Get information about relevant background checks and charges
  • Determining individual’s decisions and letting them participate
  • Follow up with individuals to the resource and recovery center
  • Collaborating with each individual to developing personalized strategies

For more information, one can check and apply for the job here

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