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Ex-felons face several issues after incarceration. It includes finding a regular source of income. What job profile should you choose? Your location has a huge role to play in the job opportunities available. Jobs for ex-offenders in Jersey City aren’t necessarily the same as in other places.

The first step for finding a job is determining the profession. To find the right sector, ex-offenders need to look at jobs available in their location.

Jobs for Ex-offenders in Jersey City – List of Professions to Consider

Specific felonies disqualify individuals from certain jobs. As an ex-offender, do some research on jobs that you cannot legally take. Then, start the search for a job that matches your skillset while being legally available.

Some of the more felon-friendly jobs in Jersey City are:

Commercial vehicle driving

Felons with commercial vehicle driving experience and a valid license have various opportunities in every city, including Jersey City. Companies require the transportation of goods. The pay is excellent, and you generally have a chance to work with big companies.

But, be prepared to work 12 hours long shifts that are physically tiring. The applicant will need a clean motor vehicle record for eligibility.

Jobs like these are available all the time.

Ware House Team Member

Another physically challenging job that ex-felons can take is a warehouse team member. Currently, companies are facing a shortage of workers. The tasks are repetitive and therapeutic.

The job opportunity comes with a chance of career development, benefits, and getting a better check.

As long as you understand English and High School qualifications, getting a job shouldn’t be too hard.

You can find jobs like this to start your career in the field.

Cab Drivers

People with criminal records can work as cab drivers. It is an ideal choice for people who enjoy driving but do not have a license to operate commercial vehicles.

You will need a car for the job. Driving people around comes with excellent tips and a chance to meet more people.

Overall, it is the ideal choice for individuals who enjoy driving.

For such jobs, applicants do not need to have a commercial vehicle license.

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant is the job for organizers. Generally, the role is available in several offices and requires decent effort.

It is a less tiring job in terms of physical strength, but the applicant will need knowledge of Word and Excel.

Soft skills, pleasant demeanor, and positive corporate presentation are some essential qualifications for the job.

Some of the other traits you need are willingness and the ability to provide excellent service to our managers, staff, and visitors.

Find the relevant job here.

Customer Care Specialist- Premium Luxury Brand

Customer care is an essential part of luxury brands. Also, offices have customer care executives for the job. Hence, the job profile makes the most sense for individuals who can take calls and cultivate relationships.

The Job Responsibilities include reinforcing brand values and proactively anticipate client’s needs to make a better impression.

The applicant needs to handle the inquiries, drive sales, and reach the target goals.

Experience in the call center, a college degree, tech-savvy are some qualifications that can help you land a job. Being bilingual is a plus for applicants.

The work requires the ability to hold conversation effortlessly. It is a less physically demanding job.

Customer care representatives can work remotely as well.

Jobs for Ex-offenders in Jersey City – How to Find the Right Job?

Professions should depend on your experience and preferences in life. For ex-felons, there is a good chance of less experience in the field. Also, in some cases, they might not be legally allowed to follow their passion.

In such cases, look for something that you can at least enjoy. Someone who likes to keep fit can opt for the more challenging jobs of warehouses. On the other hand, ex-felons who enjoy driving should go to the field.

Whatever sector you choose, financial viability should be available. It is the only way to ensure that you sustain the work for long and live a productive life.

Overall, try to find a job that pays your bills and engages you. The job prospects of the future should be bright as well.


Starting anew is a common theme for ex-felons in several aspects of life. One of them is their profession. So, treat your job hunt as an experience and look for an entry-level job if you want to switch your life.

There are several jobs for ex-offenders in Jersey City. All you need to do is look at the right place.

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