When you hear the word McDonald’s you say, “I’m lovin’ it”. Well, the father of fast food has numerous jobs for felons at McDonald’s stores nationwide. However, if you ask that is background check mandatory for felons, we say, it certainly is.

Talking about the company, it has more than 37,000 outlets across the globe. Further, more than 1.7 million people are working with McDonald’s. Any individual would love to be a part of the leading fast-food chains in the world.

However, when it comes to felons with a past criminal record, then things change a lot. They may find McDonald’s as one of the best opportunities to work with. However, the career comes with some challenges after the felons release from prison. Individuals with prior work experience in restaurants do not guarantee a job in McDonald’s.

Jobs for Felons at McDonald’s – Is Background Check Mandatory for Felons?

For the felons, they need to completely understand that background checks are mandatory. Not just this is the case with McDonald’s but every other company would use this procedure.

Background checks are mandatory as with the case of McDonald’s because it has fast-food restaurants. Here, you will see direct public contact for taking orders, etc. Felons, in this case, may not be hired by the company. On the other hand, they can work as delivery agents or chefs; however, their past criminal record comes into the way. It may include theft, violence, etc that can refrain them from getting a job at McDonald’s.

The Application Process for Hiring Felons

When a felon wants to start his or her career with McDonald’s, they have to pass through the application process. There are some hiring rules and criteria when McDonald’s hires felons.

  • To restart their career, the felons can opt for different roles in McDonald’s. It includes working as a cashier, delivery agents, cooks, etc.
  • The one thing that the company seeks is honesty. In this regard, even if the person has a past felony on record, it will count.
  • McDonald’s requires the felons to fill the online application form. It includes filling in the personal information, and background information related to work history, criminal past, and much more.
  • Felons hold a far better opportunity if they honestly mention criminal convictions within the form.
  • It’s not an honest idea to cover information about felony convictions that might reveal later.
  • Felons can receive better training information in order to excel in their dream job.
  • Preparing for an interview provides felons an honest chance to realize proper success during their job tenure.

Jobs for Felons at McDonald’s – The Process for Background Checks

The background verification process is mandatory for McDonald’s, as they need good individuals to be hired as store managers or for other job roles. Since an important cost is incurred for conducting background verification checks through other companies.

It validates all specific information given on the appliance form. Applicants must provide identity proof sort of a driver’s license, passport, and another national id card. Further, the method takes up to three days to finish. The criminal history for five to 10 years is scanned. Each piece of data requires accurate reporting to rent a felon who does not become a risk in near future.

Background Verification Process – What Did McDonald’s Find Out?

  • McDonald’s background verification check indicates criminal history, which incorporates felonies, misdemeanors, and arrests. It also talks about the amount when the conviction occurred.
  • Not all felons with a history of violent crime, sexual offense, and drug-related crime receive employment offers from McDonald’s.
  • Background verification validates educational records like school and college records.
  • A selective background check for drivers is conducted to rent them for delivering and transporting services.
  • McDonald’s ensures that the credit score or a report of the felon is to be checked.
  • Some felons may require conducting self-background checks on their own. However, they have to share the findings with McDonald’s before being hired.


McDonald’s is as a brand is seen as one of the best employers for felon individuals. Further, it offers several opportunities and contributes towards uplifting the lives of felons. Felons should not fear background checks.

It is also an honest idea to speak about various strategies felons utilize to uplift their lives after sentence completion. Background Verification Checks safeguard employees, customers, and the corporate from potential security and safety threats.

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