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Pandemic has hit the world really hard. Every business, every enterprise, every industry is significantly impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic in one way or another. It’s true that people have lost jobs and many small businesses are also temporarily closed. When it’s hard to find a job during the pandemic, as a felon, it’s even harder. You might not know but many companies are actively posting jobs for felons during Covid to keep it going.

Covid has not only affected our jobs but also the global economy. Things have gone out of hands on a large scale. Luckily, people with stable jobs are working from home keeping their bread-butter going. But, those with a record of a felony in past find getting a job awfully difficult.

There are many job options for you if you are enthusiastically looking for one.

Job opportunities are everywhere for those who really want them. Read on, because there might be a job for you that matches your skills.     

Jobs for Felons during Covid – Remote Work Options

Finding a job during the Covid crisis is challenging, and if you are an ex-offender, it is quite a serious concern. Many employees have lost jobs while others are facing reduced hourly pay and salary-cut issues. It is true that not everyone has been hit with the pandemic waves. Consider yourself lucky if you are not one of those employees.   

With that said, let’s compile the list of top jobs for felons during Covid. Read till last because one of these jobs may be the best for you.

Top Jobs for Felons during Covid – The List

Teacher (Online Teaching)

While maximum industries and businesses are temporarily closed during the pandemic, or some are working with limited staff, the impact is also on the schools worldwide. Most schools and teachers have decided to begin with online classes from home so that students do not skip their classes.

Covid is affecting the future of children but online teaching is the way to save students a year. Felons can also apply for the teaching job and be a part of this online class mission. However, there are specific guidelines from every school for hiring felons as a teacher or giving them any other designation.

Not every school allows felons to work, so ensure to go through the guidelines and requirements before applying.

IT Jobs

Many companies are hiring freelancers and posting regularly for remote jobs, especially during the pandemic. IT jobs are one of the highest paying and felons can apply and work at renowned organizations without any troubles.

Famous organizations and enterprises never discriminate felons against other employees. During this pandemic, IT companies are mainly working from home, opening career opportunities for felons.

For those with great knowledge of computers, IT, software, and languages can apply for jobs in well-known companies.

Accounts and Finance

With the budding trend of digitalization around the world, remote working is the best option for the majority of employees. Work from home has helped a lot to reduce the Coronavirus cases, as you never have to leave home for work and care for social distancing.

Accounting and finance are great career options for felons to stand strong in their life once again. This job can be done remotely and you do not have to visit the office every day. And, that would be a great help to keep you and your loved ones safe from the virus.

Customer Service Representative – Calling

Calling jobs, be it for any brand, are a good start and career option for felons to return to normal life. Customer service representatives need to make numerous calls in a day be it for sales, assistance, or other services. This can be done from home, you just need a laptop and a working internet connection.

Felons can opt for this job and earn handsome income from the comfort of their home. Many reputed agencies hire felons to give them a second chance and let them stand on their feet once again.

There are numerous job sectors in the calling department and one can be a customer service representative for any brand.

Winding Up

You can search for these jobs online and start working right away. These jobs do not discriminate against felons, making them feel like a respected regular employee. There are no background checks included and many big brands do not even care about your past.

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