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The challenges of finding a job you like are immense. These get tougher for convicted felon jobs.

But, recent laws and, luckily, the change in mindsets have been acting as catalysts for good job opportunities for felons. Many companies have removed their biased attitudes towards felon job seekers.

Also, many states have said yes to “ban the box.” The state governments have made news headlines after making legal changes to offer more second chance jobs for felons.

The changes make us wonder what New Jersey, a state with a recent hike in murder rates, has done for felon opportunities. So, let’s take a look at the said law.

What is the New Jersey Law for Ex-felon Job Seekers?

The Law in New Jersey prevents companies from continuing with age-old biased hiring practices. And thus, helps in creating good job chances for ex-convicts.

So, what do the new changes that started in 2015 include for job seekers with past crimes?

The law instructs focusing on the skills and experiences of ex-felons. Checking their skills is more important than judging them based on past crimes. The change, therefore, creates improved convicted felon jobs.

Also, the changes prevent employers in New Jersey from rejecting candidates based on their felony. Ex-felons can apply for jobs, take part in job interviews and prove their mettle.

Employers cannot ask about felony records in the initial stages of application. They can opt for criminal checks only after the final round of selection. The law, therefore, advises not using crime charges as initial selection (or rejection) criteria.

Even while checking criminal records, employers need to consider the nature of the crime of felon job seekers. Also, if there’s no link between crime and the job, ex-felons should be treated equally as other candidates.

Like, there’s no link between an electrician job and drug charges. So, you have good chances of securing a job that lacks any relation to the nature of the crime. But, jobs in the health industry have zero chances of considering an ex-felon with drug records.

Please note that certain crimes like child abuse and rape damage the chances of getting convicted felon jobs.

How does The Law Help in Giving Convicted Felon Jobs?

The law for convicted felon jobs helps in building a healthy society that believes in the power of second chances. The law makes chances for job seekers with sealed, closed, or removed crime records.

Besides, the law acts as a supporting background that ex-felons can lean into. But, how a felon can take legal steps if an employer fails to comply with the law is not defined.

The chances help felons to start a life away from the influences of corruption. Also, good jobs give money and a strong sense of self. Thus the effects of good employment prevent people from falling into a path of sin.

So, the chances prevent ex-convicts from returning to a life filled with crime and corruption. They can settle into a crime-free life, lowering something known as recidivism rates.

Final Thoughts

An attitude change towards convicted felon jobs has produced positive legal changes. One such good change is in the New Jersey law for ex-felon job candidates. The law aims to give good chances to ex-criminals and therefore reduce recidivism rates.

The changes advise employers to consider the skills and experiences of felons. Also, they can never discriminate against anyone based on felon charges. But, the severity and type of crime charges do affect the hiring process.

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