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Warehouse jobs felons can get are relatively easier to crack compared to other jobs. Employers in this sector usually look for hard workers. So, they tend to judge a candidate based on skills rather than his past crime. In fact, you can find many warehouses in the US that offer jobs felons can get in 2022.

These days many companies have also updated their hiring policies so that they can’t make any biased decisions against anyone. Felons are no exception to this. For example, FedEx and Amazon offer many second chance jobs for felons in different warehouse locations every year. Felons can apply for any of these jobs as per their preferred location. No doubt, they have already given ex-cons enough chance to represent their high-ranked names. So, this can be a promising career path for them.

Now the real question is, which job posts are ideal for them to apply for? This article will give an overall idea of the 5 top warehouse job positions felons can get in 2022.

List of Warehouse Jobs Felons can Get in 2022

There is no doubt that the list of warehouse jobs felons can get is increasing day by day. However, many of these jobs are categorized as part-time jobs. So, felons can’t expect to earn high initially. But there is certainly the potential for promotion for them. Now let’s explore the top 5 warehouse job positions for felons.

Picker Packer

This is a promising warehouse job position for felons. As picker packers, their role is to load and unload all the truck carrying materials. Besides, they maintain all the records of received, labeled, and sorted materials. Further, they are in charge of preparing the final products for dispatch.  If we look at the average salary, this job position almost offers a salary of $29,270 per year.

Hand Laborer and Material Mover

Working as a hand laborer or material mover is already proven as a hopeful job position for felons. Their job role is to transport the final products from one location to another. Besides, they have to ensure that all the packaged products are packed as per the company standards. Further, they have to maintain a log of all moving materials by date and location. However, they can receive an average salary of $30,490 per year.

Inventory Clerk

From our experience, we have seen many felons working happily as inventory clerks. There is no doubt that this job position offers decent pay. If we look at the average salary, it offers a salary of $31,170 per year. As inventory clerks, their role is to keep and maintain all the records of dispatched, received, and delivered items. Besides, they also check and validate inventory amounts and accuracy.

Maintenance Technician

The role of a maintenance technician is to assemble and fix all the equipment and machinery present in the warehouse. So, they have to routinely check all the light switches, outlets, and circuit breakers. If they find any fault in those, they have to replace those with new ones. Besides, they have to prepare the order supplies as per the requirement. If we look at the average salary of a maintenance technician, it is almost $40,850 per year.

Production Line Supervisor

This is another promising warehouse job position for felons.  As production line supervisors, they mainly plan the production schedule. Besides, they have to assign tasks to the team. Further, they have to collect data so that they can prepare reports, including the success and setbacks in the production. Most importantly, they have to ensure the team stays on task and adheres to all the company policies and processes. Due to these multiple responsibilities, the average salary of a production line supervisor is usually higher. At present, it is almost $66,800 per year.

Final Thoughts

Felons usually receive some training in the prison that matches perfectly with the requirements of warehouse jobs. Besides, employers in this sector are open to offering jobs felons can get. And the reason is pretty simple. Felons tend to be more intent on securing their jobs. So, applying for warehouse jobs is probably the best bet for them to start their career in a new way.

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