Welcome to the “Jobs for Felons in New Jersey” page on ReeCareer! We understand that finding employment opportunities after a criminal conviction can be challenging. However, we firmly believe in second chances and the potential for individuals with criminal records to rebuild their lives. This page is dedicated to providing information and resources to help felons find meaningful employment and reintegrate into society.



We acknowledge the difficulties faced by individuals in New Jersey with criminal records in securing employment.

Importance of Second Chances:

We believe in the power of rehabilitation and the positive impact of providing opportunities to felons.


ReeCareer is dedicated to connecting felons with employers in New Jersey who are willing to consider their skills, qualifications, and potential rather than focusing solely on their criminal history.

Job Search Strategies:

Assessing Skills and Interests:

Help felons identify their transferable skills, strengths, and interests to explore suitable career path in New Jersey.

Resume Writing and Cover Letters:

Guidance on creating effective resumes that emphasize skills and achievements to attract potential employers in New Jersey.

Job Interview Preparation:

Tips for preparing for interviews, addressing criminal history when necessary, and highlighting personal growth and rehabilitation.

Felon-Friendly Industries and Jobs:

List of Industries:

Highlight industries in New Jersey that tend to be more open to hiring individuals with criminal records, such as construction, hospitality, manufacturing, customer service, transportation, and skilled trades.

Job Profiles:

Provide descriptions and requirements for various felon-friendly occupations within these industries, along with potential career growth opportunities.

Employer Assistance Programs:

Ban the Box:

Information on the Opportunity to Compete Act, commonly known as “Ban the Box” legislation, which restricts employers in New Jersey from inquiring about criminal history during the initial stages of the hiring process.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC):

Explanation of the federal tax credit available to New Jersey employers who hire individuals from certain target groups, including felons.

Federal Bonding Program:

Details on the bonding program that offers fidelity bonds to employers as a form of insurance against potential losses related to hiring individuals with criminal records.

Job Search Resources:

Online Job Boards:

Curated list of job boards that specialize in connecting felons with employment opportunities in New Jersey.

Reentry Programs:

Information on organizations and programs dedicated to assisting felons with job readiness training, job placement, and ongoing support during the reintegration process.

Legal Assistance:

Resources for individuals seeking legal aid to navigate the process of expungement, record sealing, or obtaining certificates of rehabilitation.

Success Stories:

Inspiring Stories:

Real-life success stories of individuals with criminal records who have overcome challenges and found meaningful employment.


Feedback from employers in New Jersey who have hired felons and experienced positive outcomes, showcasing the benefits of providing second chances.

Additional Support:

Community Forums:

A platform for felons to connect, share experiences, offer support, and exchange advice on finding employment opportunities in New Jersey.

Career Counseling:

Information on professional career counselors who specialize in assisting individuals with criminal records in their job search and career development.

At ReeCareer, we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to rebuild their lives and contribute to society. We are dedicated to supporting and empowering felons in New Jersey on their journey to finding meaningful employment and a brighter future.