We at Reecareer acknowledge that we do not offer reentry programs singly. There are other players as well. To help you get community reentry programs, we have compiled a list of agencies and organizations that provide similar services. Note that we do not endorse any of the agencies, but we intend to help you.

List of reentry organization providing reentry services in New York

  • New York State Department of Corrections and community supervision

Through the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, the New York State provides excellent reentry programs to formerly convicted individuals. The programs include education, vocal training, guidance and counseling, law and religious services, and family development. In addition, under the community supervision subdivision, help former convicts reenter the community without any harm or public safety issues.

Rising hopes focus on equipping inmates with secondary and post-secondary education before their release. The organization also advocates for individual responsibility, ethics, and a peaceful community.

  • College & Community Fellowship CCF

College & Community Fellowship is an organization that focuses on helping women affected by the criminal justice system in New York state. The organization provides services such as education, advocacy, and technical assistance.

  • Harlem Justice Corps

Harlem Justice Corps collaborates with the Center for Court Innovation CCI to support return citizens in Harlem. It aims at reducing community-based violence, look for alternatives for imprisonment and other reentry interventions.

  • Hour children

Hour children help children reunite with their mothers after separation. The organization further provides food to the vulnerable and mentorship to the youth, women, and children.

  • The prisoner reentry institute

The prisoner reentry institute is an academy at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The institute aims at transforming former convicts using education. Additionally, PRI offers advocacy, research, and technical assistance services.

  • Fathers Count & Re-entry Plus

This program is run by Family Services of Westchester to improve fathers’ parenting skills with criminal histories. By empowering the fathers, FSW believes that the family is financially and emotionally stable.

This organization helps women access healthcare, affordable housing and unite with their families. WPA also helps women avoid repeat offending, develop employable skills and careers.

  • Correctional Association of New York

This a nonprofit which was established in 1844. Correctional Association of New York champions humanity in the criminal justice system, self-improvement, and corrective justice to achieve an impartial society.

Children of Promise, NYC was officially established in 2009. It helps children deal with stigma, rejection, and trauma, which is the aftermath of their parent’s incarceration. Children of Promise mostly targets the vulnerable black and brown children

The Fortune Society provides mental health, housing, employment, addiction treatment, recovery, family services, food, and nutrition.

  • Citizen Against Recidivism, Inc. CARE

Citizen Against Recidivism, Inc. attempts to reclamation the multitude of rights and characteristics of citizenship among individuals in jail or prison. In addition, the organization offers Muslim reentry services, anger management services, voter education, and clothing supplies services.

  • Legal Action Center

Qualified people with criminal histories usually face rejection and discrimination in the job. Legal Action center helps such people overcome discrimination as they try to acquire employment and other reentry services.

Think Outside the Cell Foundation is putting efforts to reduce stigma on former convicts and helping them rejoin the society.

The second chance organization helps formerly incarcerated individuals with advocacy and reentry services. The organization operates majorly in Nassau county.

Under the division of criminal justice services, the New York state provides crime victim assistance services and other reentry interventions. This is a resourceful division of criminal justice and government grants and funds.

  • Rethinking reentry

Rethinking Reentry researches on criminal justice reform and reentry into the society. Moreover, the organization strives to reduce poverty through studying and pushing for policing that boosts the economy.

In collaboration with government correctional organs, the alliance for positive health has criminal justice initiative that targets those imprisoned within New York state. The initiate provides education, guidance, and counseling to the prisoners to reduce deadly diseases.

  • College Initiatives

College Initiative is a community-based organization that provides education and reentry services. Its mission is to associate people in New York City who have been imprisoned or contributed to the criminal equity framework with favorable circumstances for advanced education.

  • Amnesty USA

Amnesty USA probes and discloses all forms of abuse. It educates and urges the citizens to change the society to be better and safer.  

List of reentry organization in New Jersey

  1. Community Education Centers

Community Education Centers is one of the primary providers of reentry interventions and educational services grown-up remedial populaces all through the U.S.

Redeem Her effectively transforms ladies with a criminal record to become productive and contribute to nation-building.

  • Cumberland County Mental Health & Human Services

The Mental Health Board oversees approximately $7 million provided by the New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services, contributing to the operation of the Cumberland County Guidance Center. The Board has had a role in the origin of the County Jail Diversion Task Force. The Board also reviews proposals for community mental health services

  • New Jersey Association On Correction

To promote social justice and human dignity in the policies and institutions that govern offenders and crime victims through educational, legislative, and rehabilitative programs.

  • Seeds Of Hope Ministries

Seeds of Hope Ministries, Inc. is the umbrella for My Father’s Hands, She Has A Name, and South Jersey Aftercare, all based out of Camden, New Jersey

  • Parents Anonymous Of New Jersey

This organization provides parental education, self-development support group, information, and referrals for incarcerated mothers and fathers in halfway houses.

  • The federal bonding program

The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) created the Federal Bonding Program (FBP) as an employer job-hire incentive that guaranteed the job honesty of at-risk job seekers. The Federal Bonding Program provides Fidelity Bonding for the first six months of employment for hard-to-place job applicants.

  • The Hope Center

This is a faith-based organization that spreads the gospel through the visual arts.  currently, it offers daycare, afterschool programs, music, art, dance, and drama

  • City of Newark, NJ- Office Of Reentry

The Office of Reentry is devoted to helping former convicts become successful, productive community members after paying their debt to society. There are many programs to help these individuals find jobs, family, and support services. The office also is a referral source to community-based organizations.

  •  Communities in Cooperation

Communities in cooperation, CIC, provides services designed to inclusively connect communities to services required to strengthen families and individuals using a holistic approach.

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