Unlike decades ago, marketing courses are now available on the internet. And recognized institutions are actively operating in many countries all over the world. As a felon, this is an opportunity for you to add more value to yourself and become more employable.

Many people believe that marketing is just about making sales, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Because even if sales is part of marketing, there are other aspects of it that a marketer has to learn.

Why marketing?

Being an ex convict comes with stigma and limitations in job opportunities. So the courses you should focus on learning are those that are already known to accept people with felonies.

Marketing is one of such courses that are already known to be felon-friendly because as a marketer, you could earn over 130,000 dollars in a year as you keep growing.

It is one of the most financially rewarding jobs that you can do as a felon. And we’ll show you the courses that can qualify you to get one of those high-paying jobs as a marketer.

You can also start a business of your own after learning marketing. Since you’ll understand the relationship between buyers and their preferred market, it won’t be hard to be your own boss.

What you will be doing as a marketer

Beyond selling, the jobs you will be required to do as a marketer includes some demographic data work. You will also monitor market trends, plan advertisements, determine the price of goods, and even supervise other people.

As you can already tell, marketing definitely does not revolve around only selling. So you need the right online course that will put you through on the work you’ll be required to do.

In this era of the internet and social media, you will have to learn digital marketing and apply the skills in any business or tech company you get a job with.

After learning the skills online, you will also need a valid certificate.This will show that you actually completed the program and are fit for a digital marketing job.

Under digital marketing, there are special software packages that you need to master if you want to stand out. These software will allow you to carry out your activities with more accuracy and speed. So you should make sure that any online marketing institute you choose is able to teach how to use these software packages.

Hubspot academy

One of the most welcoming online institutions that will help your journey towards a fulfilling marketing career is hubspot academy. They have all the qualities of a good online school and they also teach how to use marketing software.

Their courses are designed to benefit everyone, especially novices. So when you get out of jail and need a place to start afresh, a hubspot course can be helpful.

In digital marketing, there are several other branches besides email marketing and content marketing. We also have contact management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, lead generation, inbound marketing, report and performance, etc.

Even if you already have some digital marketing experience, it’s good to learn with hubspot because they have advanced courses. The digital world is constantly evolving, so staying updated is a necessity.

Marketing managers of different companies are using hubspot courses and certifications to learn skills that’ll put them ahead of competitors. So you definitely need the marketing courses to keep up with the new styles of digital marketing.

You don’t need money to start the marketing course

Money has been a restricting factor for many felons who want to enter the world of marketing. But hubspot and other similar programs have changed everything by making their courses 100% free of charge.

So, as rich as these hubspot courses are, you will not be required to pay any fees to start. This is why you must jump at the opportunity because you only need a working computer to start.

Hubspot marketing software

You already know that when you have skills with marketing software, you are one step ahead. And thankfully, hubspot has their own special course dedicated to this.

All hubspot courses are flexible, which means you can learn at your own pace. So you can even combine your learning with other activities.

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