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Ex-felons do suffer from the pay gap. If you belong to a minority group, the odds are stacked against you. Hence, it is crucial to learn the skill of negotiating better salary for ex-felons.

Now, generally, ex-felons do not have a lot of employment options. Convicts find it challenging to find any job. So, the scope of negotiation does drop significantly.

Moreover, most of the jobs that offer employment to ex-felons have a straightforward payment system. There is no scope of negotiation for the employees.

But, the worst that can happen when negotiating salary is a no.

Tips for Negotiating Better Salary for Ex-felons

Here are some things that ex-felons can do at the interview to get a better salary package.

Research Values

All jobs have a specific going rate in the market. There is a lower and upper value of the position per the industry, and you should know about it. An experienced hiring manager will steer the conversation in their favor if you do not have a salary in mind.

Know your time’s worth and the position’s salary to get the right amount. Also, do not forget to have a bracket in mind. It is best to negotiate till the end and only settle for an amount that fits your bracket. The aim is to get more.

Practice Well

Before going to the interview:

  1. Practice your interviews at home.
  2. Get a loved one to rehearse the scenario with you.
  3. Only start giving interviews once you are comfortable with the conversations.

It is the only way to ensure that it does not buckle under pressure.

Now, this helps while negotiating the salary, but also for the entire interview. A good conversation, in the beginning, will lead to better terms at the salary negotiation. So, rehearse the whole interview with standard questions for a better chance at your dream job at the correct salary.

Work on Self-Confidence

A massive part of the negotiation is confidence. Drink coffee and stand tall in front of a mirror before you walk into an interview. Being alert and standing your ground can get you a long way. Moreover, your skills will falter if confidence in your skills isn’t there.

Also, exude confidence in your walk, the way you enter the room, and your overall demeanor. Avoid having a scowl on your face. A positive vibe, in the beginning, can go a long way.

Negotiating Better Salary for Ex-Felons – Focus on Future

While it is crucial to look at the past and mention the rise in responsibilities, the primary function is to look at the future. Steer the conversation to how you can help the business grow. It includes information on the duties at the job, ability to change and maneuver the shifting landscape to rise to the challenges.

Moreover, ensure that you talk about your current salary if you have one. Mention the benefits, bonuses, and other information that you may have. Move swiftly to the income desire from the job and ensure that you mention all the relevant information.

Ask for More than Your Number

As a potential employee, you will have to put a number on the table. Ensure that it is more than the number you want. The person on the other side is going to negotiate with you. You will focus on keeping the number as close to the expected price possible, whereas the other party will try to bring the number down.

Take the fear of asking for too much out. Instead, focus on a high number. The worst that can happen is a no or a counteroffer. Not negotiating will result in you getting nothing.


It is easy to fear a no and then not to ask for the right price. But, to get the right price is to keep negotiating till you meet your terms. It is the only way to ensure that you enjoy the benefits that come with a full-time job.

Rehearse well for everything and keep the options open. It is your responsibility to manage your worth and not let your past define you now. Ensure that the person knows that you have changed. But work on these tips of negotiating better salary for ex-felons to get the money you deserve and lead a decent life.

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