Felony sentence does not end with the completion of prison time. It is only the start. Before the felony charge, it is challenging to get a job. After one, it becomes close to impossible.

Several companies will not consider your resume once they run a background check and find a felony charge. Moreover, even at jobs where felons get an opportunity, competition for a position will lead to fewer chances of success.

An Off-Limit Department for Felons – The FBI

Felons do have off- limits job opportunities for felons to work at various firms. But, do not apply for a job in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The agency does not consider a felon for any job.

Other federal and state departments are more willing to work with you. However, the FBI will remain off-limit.

Other More Competitive Job Opportunities 

Ex-felons find fewer white-collar jobs willing to give them a chance. A better opportunity is possible in trades or construction.

So, look for blue-collar jobs. It’s possible to get a white-collar job that applicants can try giving relevant interviews, but for a backup job that keeps you off the streets, opt for a blue-collar job.

The Legal Rights

Legally, an employer cannot refuse a felon from a job. Laws in the constitution protect ex-felons against discrimination. Moreover, hirers should consider the applicant as an individual and not an offender.

But, some places will not hire a felon and be legally correct. The nature of a felony will automatically disqualify you from a specific job.

Firearm Charges

Ex-felons with firearm charges will not find a job in law enforcement or security. Moreover, any job related to handling firearms is unavailable. It includes jobs at stores that sell or retail firearms.

Alcohol-related Felony

Felons with alcohol-related convictions aren’t eligible for bartending jobs. Also, alcohol retail stores will not accept your application.

Money-related Criminal Record

Criminal record offense will disqualify you from any job related to a financial institution.

Also, opportunities that require licenses become challenging to obtain. Most of these occupations include fields of health and child care. 

Ex-felons can build relationships at such places. Efforts can help get the relevant experience and license. Creating friends will help you get work around your qualification and personality.

Time Restrictions

The occupation options increase as time passes. Depending on the workplace, a 7, 10, or 15-years limit of hiring restrictions may apply. So, if it has been long enough, you can apply for your dream job.

Learn About Your Collateral Consequences

Ex-felons have specific restrictions upon them. For example, some felons aren’t allowed to use firearms. Hence, getting a job related to it becomes impossible.

The complex rules require thorough research. A workforce center and other such employment services can help understand the mandates.

Prepare Well

As getting work opportunities becomes an arduous task after a felony, you must prepare well for every interview.

Financial stability is a massive contributor to living a better life. The minimum wage is better than no wage.

So, whether you have a blue-collar job opportunity or a white-collar one, research the job.

How to Prepare for an Interview?

Here are few steps to get ready for an interview.

Organization Information

Visit the organization’s website and other reliable sources to know more. Create a positive impression from the get-go.

Possible Questions

Learn all the possible questions that the interviewer can ask. It includes personal questions that stay consistent. But, interviewers test your skills for the job. Revision will help nail every question with ease.

Career Progression & Training Opportunities

Show your willingness of loyalty by learning of career progression and training opportunities. It shows that you are willing to learn new things and see this as a viable job opportunity.


Dress to impress. You can visit the nearby goodwill to get cheaper yet quality clothing for the interview on a budget. People do judge the looks and clothing while taking an interview. 

So, opt for formal clothing. Manage your hair and add an accessory to elevate the look.

Do not forget to get formal footwear.

Wrap Up

Generally, the logic behind these restrictions is temptation. Being nearby of trigger points can cause relapse. Instead, looking for a job that offers an opportunity to work in a different environment can help you grow.

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