Many felons spend time on parole or probation. There are specific probation and parole conditions that they must follow to stay in the program.

Inability to follow the rules can result in further restrictions, and in some cases, may result in a sentence back to prison.

Some of the Probation or Parole Conditions Include

All convicts have to follow the court-ordered special conditions while on parole or probation. The rules may include:

Probation or Parole Conditions – Reporting

Each offender is assigned parole or probation officer. It is the responsibility of the ex-offender to report to the officer at the dedicated time. Inability to do so can result in further consequences.

Intensive Supervision Programs

Ex-convicts have to participate in intensive supervision programs. These programs allow legal departments more control over the convict while they readjust to normal life.

The program intends to safely reintroduce ex-convicts to society and lower the overcrowding in the prisons.

Probation or Parole Conditions – No Movement without Permission

To leave the state or city for any reason, people on probation or parole need the permission of the department. It is to ensure that the person does not run away.

Moreover, the system is in play to facilitate the work of parole officers.

Regular Employment

People on conditional release need employment. It is a mandatory part of the conditions. However, getting a job on parole or probation can be challenging.

In such cases, it is best to document the job finding procedure to show the parole officer. Moreover, talk to them for references and options of employment.

No Change in Residence or Employment without Permission

Another aspect of life that needs proper permission is any change in residence and employment. It is the responsibility of the ex-offender to bring the requirement of a shift to the officer.

And, only after the proper permission, make any such life changes.

Stay Away From Drugs, Alcohol, and Drinking Establishments

Ex-felons must stay away from any drugs and alcohol. Moreover, they might not be allowed to enter any drinking establishment.

Doing so can result in a violation of the rules and conditions.

Subject To Urinalysis or Blood Testing

The parole or probation officer can request urinalysis or blood testing at the time of their choice. As drugs are among the significant issues, it is a must for ex-offenders to stay away from them.

Probation or Parole Conditions – Check on Personal Company

People on parole or probation cannot have contact with any person who has criminal records.

Supervision Fees

The system does charge a supervision fee for the process that the ex-convict must pay at regular intervals.

No Breaking of Laws

With a second chance, mistakes can land you back in prison. Hence, obeying the state and local laws is mandatory for people.

More Probation or Parole Conditions That May Apply

The first visit to the probation or parole officer will include exchanging papers with all the specific terms. Other conditions that may apply:

Electronic Monitoring and Special Curfews

In extreme cases, some people may have to adhere to electronic monitoring. It includes a complete check on your whereabouts via an electronic device.

Also, special curfews may apply.

Transitional Housing Programs

In some cases, they might ask the convict to stay in transitional housing programs for some time. It helps them keep a check on your whereabouts.

A Restitution Fee

Court can order the convict to pay a restitution fee to the victims of their crimes. They need to fulfill the requirement on time.

Anger Management Courses, Drug or Alcohol Counseling or Mental Health Counseling & Treatment

Crimes that stem from specific issues might lead a court to order relevant courses during probation or parole.

It can include mental health counseling and treatment, anger management courses, or drug and alcohol counseling.

Probation or Parole Conditions – Distance from Victims and Proper Registration 

In case of domestic violence, harassment, assault, stalking, the criminal might have to stay away from the victim of crime. In the case of sex offenders, they may have to register in the directory as per the conditions.


Re-entry programs help society and the convicts. For one, they ensure that previous criminals can safely integrate back into the community. Moreover, it gives ex-felons a chance to get their life back on track.

There are some standard requirements that the convict must meet to be eligible for probation or parole.

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