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Determinate sentencing to felons is a jail or prison sentence that is not subject to analysis by a parole board or other agency. In such a penalization felons have stringent, non-negotiable, jail penalty or standard prison. Meanwhile, the law statutes recite the term of penalty accordingly. In few cases, the judges have very little discretionary power to affect the penalty.

Many sentences usually accompany crimes for instance drug offenses. However, three strikes of law often use the same. The person gets a life sentence for a third crime conviction. Another good example of determinate sentencing to felons is a prison sentence of 6 months. It is where the felon will not be in prison for more than the given time. However, for a 20-year life sentence, the parole board decides and reviews the release date.

When it comes to determinate sentencing for felons, it has become popular in more states than before. Furthermore, it has lots of benefits and drawbacks. However, it can be fair and discriminatory in some situations. Most importantly, it should be a balance when it comes to the justice system.

There are several Pros and Cons of determinate sentencing to felons that will help you understand it better. Let us see how it influences the working of the justice system.

Pros – Determinate Sentencing to Felons

Justice and Fair

According to the advocates, the jail sentence never changes for a fixed or minimum prison sentence. It is for the fair penalization of the criminals.

As against to indeterminate term a prisoner gets bail when granted parole for good behavior. Meanwhile, others remain behind bars without parole.

The huge pros of determinate sentencing are that it prevents discrimination and ensures all felons are paying for their crimes. Also, ensures that no prisons will stay any longer than he or she should.

Courts Time and Money Saving

People also find determinate sentencing appealing in advance because of the determined length of a prison sentence. It will be convenient for the court to take the decision since no outside factors can affect the guidelines in sentencing.

Whether the judge likes the culpable criminal or not, prison time will not be depended upon the judge’s personal preferences. Therefore, this is how it saves time and money since a court hearing will be faster and there will no appeal for the sentence.

Minor Crimes

Felons know how long they will be removed from society and living behind the bars.

This can take to the people being tempted to commit crimes, especially if the crime penalizes with life sentences without the possibility of the parole board. In nutshell, this serves as an obstacle to a potential criminal.

Cons – Determinate Sentencing to Felons

Costly Affair

Experts of determinate sentencing argue that it is costly rather than practical since without the possibility of the parole board. There will be many people in prison since the number of months or years served by criminals cannot be shortening.

However, this is more expensive, since there will be more budget needed to care for the prisoner and will be an added burden to taxpayers.

Rehabilitation Issues

Oppositions of this type of sentencing say that felonies are imprisoned not only for them to pay for the felony also for rehabilitation. If the sentence is already fixed and cannot be changed, it might be period of the sentence will not serve to correct the unacceptable behavior of the criminals.

Determinate sentencing to felons is not Flexible

People who are against sentencing are not happy with the penalization of criminals. Who might be unaware or ignorant that what they have done or been doing at the same time?

Commission of the crime was against the law.

With the determinate sentencing, if an innocent person is convicted of crime tears of imprisonment, he or she will definitely be suffering for a long time. If the parole board can grant him or her, the conviction can start a new life and still have a chance to fix his or her life.

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