Re-entry Programs for Ex-felons in Texas prove as a good opportunity for the recently released ex-offenders from prison, as they often face immediate obstacles. This is especially true in the housing and employment sectors. Even if they can find a place to live, it might not be a great part of town to stay. This is often the case if there are no family support networks and limited funding.

Another area where former offenders have great difficulties in finding suitable jobs. Out of fear of their history, some employers are not going to hire ex-criminals. Organizations and agencies are working to change the negative attitude toward ex-criminals, but that means ex-criminals will not repeatedly face this issue. Moreover, they may adhere to company policies that do not enable a certain company to recruit former criminals convicted of fraud or theft crimes.

However, a lack of education and job training is another issue for ex-offenders. Many ex-criminals are not familiar with the job search: they lack curricula, adequate clothing, and do not know how to give interviews. Therefore, to help former offenders to locate resources, here is a list of re-entry programs in Texas.

Re-entry Programs for Ex-felons in Texas – The Programs List

Dallas Leadership Foundation (DLF)

A successful re-entry program is operating at the Dallas Leadership Foundation (D.L.F.), Texas. Their re-entry program aims to help the prisoners to return to society successfully and not to recur. They link former detainees to resources such as clothing and medical care provides job assistance, offer substance-free living courses, and encourages their efforts at family reunification.

Their prison ministry also includes men in the Hutchins State Jail pre-and post-release programs. After discharge, some of the formerly detained men that they serve up at Hutchins are housed at D.L.F.’s transitional house, Onesimus House, located within one of the oldest target neighborhoods (Owenwood) in East Dallas.

Paradise Independent Living

The Paradise Independent Living residence program helps recently released prisoners and homeless veterans with moderate to high mental issues. It provides independent living conditions, with intense rehabilitation, work programs, career training, and spiritual insights, for those who qualify for six months to two years. Their goal is to help reduce recurrence within the justice system among people with mental disabilities.

Re-entry and Integration Division

The following program combines the T.C.O.O.M.M.I. and an expanded Re-entry Initiative with the Texas Correctional Office on Offenders. Combining these institutions helps focus government resources more effectively to reduce recurrence and address young and adult offenders’ needs. They are also developing a new website as a new division that will provide offenders, their families, and the public with a comprehensive source of information. For more updates, please consult the website here.

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries has a fine program for former offenders referred by the Texas Rehabilitation Board or the Texas Workforce Board. Industry can offer work experience training such as curriculum vitae preparation, the handling of a personal interview, and computer skills. They also have an apprenticeship program for Jiffy Lube workers. Although the Houston Goodwill contact details are available, there are Goodwill programs all over Texas. You can find more information here.

T.O.R.I. – Re-entry Programs for Ex-felons in Texas

T.O.R.I. is committed to helping former offenders to return to society. To help people find safe and accessible housing, T.O.R.I. works on shelters, transitional housing programs, and other housing options. Besides resume building, interviewing, time management, and job application completion, the organization also provides employee coaching. These vital skills enable a person to improve the chance of finding a suitable job. Please visit the website and get more information.

Texas Criminal Justice Coalition

It provides a wealth of resources to help people who have recently been released from detention. Both adults and young people receive help. Food, housing, employment, health care, advice, and adult education includes in their service. For more information, you can visit their website at this link

Houston Food Bank

The Houston Food Bank has a program called Serving Success, in which offenders are trained in live-time employment while volunteering at the Food Bank in Houston. This course provides cooking training, warehouse certification, and literacy in the workplace.

Houston Health Department (HHD)

It helps those who have been previously detained by a Community Relocation Network, which provides a network of nearby resources and links. You can find more information about HHD here.


There you are. These are the employment opportunities, which serve as Re-entry Programs for Ex-felons in Texas. Hopefully, they prove to be a helpful resource for the ex-felons to become a part of the society once again.

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