Felons experiencing challenges and troubles to be a part of society are a fact. Meanwhile, the re-entry programs for felons in New Jersey can address these issues. It is imperative that society, as well as employers, will see you with negative vibes. However, the programs ensure re-entry into the community for them.

In the next section of this article, we look at the programs for re-entry. These programs make sure that the ex-felons grab the best of opportunity with a job, accommodation, as well as counseling.

Re-Entry Programs for Felons in New Jersey

Program of re-entry of veterans into the society

This program serves as a guide for the veterans to re-enter the community. It is included as a part of the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. Further, ex-offenders are able to take legal assistance, financial help, mental and health care services, employment, and much more. For more information, look at the details here.

Re-entry Coalition of New Jersey program

The program focuses on the individuals who were once a felon, now in need of rehabilitation. The coalition program takes care of the felons by assisting them via the agencies. These agencies offer house services, substance abuse treatment, outpatient parole services, and much more.

For more information on this program and how the felons can move further, visit this link

Enhancing Parole Success program

Parole means when a convicted felon is either temporarily or permanently released from prison seeing the good behavior. Now the individual wants to rejoin the community, which can happen with this program.

The program offers accommodation along with life skills development, training for career development, placement on a job, and much more. It also includes financial management if any felon is in need of funds to move further.

For more information about this program, the individuals can check here.

Re-entry Substance Abuse Program

Know more about this program by visiting this link.

For the felons who are on parole release, they want substance abuse treatment. For this purpose, the program assists in providing them housing services. Further, the focus is to maintain the reintegration status of the ex-offenders.

Day Reporting Center program

One of the Re-entry programs for felons in New Jersey, focusing on women felons. Under this program, up to 20 women get a transitional housing facility. Initially, it is offered to the first 10 women offenders, then the next 10 ones.

The selected women stay in the facility until they complete their graduation. Thereafter, they are moved to a permanent housing facility along with these benefits.

  • Placement on jobs
  • Assistance for life skills training
  • Nutrition planning
  • Skills development for parenting

Look at this link to know more information about this program.

Employment and Training Program

The employment and training program in Jersey City provides placement opportunities. It is connected with One-stop employment services to provide direct job placement for ex-felons.

Talking about the felons who were released from the Hudson County of New Jersey can apply. It offers them re-entry into the community by landing at a job of their choice.

For more information about this program, one can follow this link here.

Legal services for expungement

Well, this is not a program, but the legal services department of New Jersey offers assistance in several ways. The ex-felons with a criminal history are able to expunge their records, hide, or seal them.

Further, they are also given proper counseling regarding how to re-enter the community. Meanwhile, other legal matters are also put forward and talked about.

For a piece of correct information about how the process happens, one can visit the page here.

Office of a Re-entry program in Newark

This program is a part of the transitional jobs program. It provides the felons with landscaping and light construction jobs. Further, the ex-felons are also assisted in seeking family services, housing & clothing, legal assistance, etc.

The above assistance is provided using the Opportunity reconnect program. Whereas, Gateway ID program assists ex-felons to obtain identification cards.

For more information about this program, do visit the same here.


There you are. From the several Re-entry programs for felons in New Jersey, they get a second chance. Leave your criminal past and move further with a job, accommodation as well as the good life.

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