Most companies hire new employees only after the background checks. To elevate the chances of success during a job interview, individuals must look at the procedure of hiring. It will help applicants prepare everything well and avoid the common red flags on background checks.

Remember, while job hunting, all you need is one success.

For ex-felons, it isn’t possible to change the criminal records. In some cases, they can expunge the records, but only after years of conviction. Look at the option if available, but, for the most part, try to control the sections you can while leaving the worry of things you can’t.

Common Red Flags on Background Checks for Companies

The HR department is responsible for screening candidates. During the candidate check, here are some of the sections that the department considers.

Multiple Periods of Unemployment

Several gaps in employment are a huge red flag for employers. A single stretch of unemployment is easier to explain. It can include medical issues, career change, or a sabbatical. But, if there is a pattern of gaps in the employment history, it points towards unreliability and inability to keep a job.

Short-lived Jobs

Candidates with a history of short-lived jobs also find it challenging to get a job. Anyone who moves job-to-job is not an ideal candidate for any company. Seasonal jobs are only good for gaining knowledge, but good work experience requires consistency.

As companies need to invest resources and time in training the ideal candidate, they look for dependability and people who are likely to work for the long term.

Red Flags on Background Checks – Inconsistency in Reporting and Check of Experience or Education

Companies are responsible for running background checks on the education and experience of potential candidates. It includes verifying all the credentials. While many candidates will embellish the resume with duties and positions to make it more appealing, do not let the exaggerations turn fraudulent.

Even with relevant experience and education, not telling the truth on a resume shows a side of the character that needs careful consideration from the company.

Missing Relevant Job Experience

Fabrication of job experience is terrible. But, not showing relevant experience on the resume is even more horrible. It implies that the candidate is trying to hide something about the employment. While it is entirely possible to have viable reasoning for the missing information, the department will check past positions for more details.

Red Flags on Background Checks – Criminal Record

A section that you cannot control is a criminal record check. Companies do consider other factors while deliberating on any profile. So, if you have a criminal record as a minor or way back in the past, getting a call is still possible.

But, lying about the records can end up being a firing sentence even after you get hired.

Convictions Related to the job.

When applying for a job, consider the reason behind the conviction. A person with charges due to bad operating of vehicles should not apply for a driving job. In most cases, the intensity of the crime is less relevant to the association of it with the job.

Credit History

For positions in the finance world, it is crucial to check the credit history. Other jobs do not necessarily look into this information. In many cases, the poor report may be due to certain life events or do not affect their ability to do the job.

But, in jobs that require handling money, getting a candidate with debt is less than an ideal option.

Refusing Check

Someone who straight-up denies anything that comes up on the background check without proof or lies about it comes under the red flag. Companies want trustworthy employees, and lying isn’t an ideal first impression. Even if you lie about trivial things, it isn’t a good fit.

Red Flags on Background Checks – Bad References

Single bad references can stem from personal issues, misunderstandings, and other issues. But, if other references echo the same thoughts then, due deliberation is needed. The interviewer will gather all the information on you. So, ensure that you provide the best references.


Some aspects of the check by the HR department are still in control of ex-felons. So, it is best to put efforts where it counts. Also, for things not under your control, like past mistakes, showing remorse and change can lead to better job scoring.

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